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Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.

D&C 68:6

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Hi welcome to my blog! I have been called to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and am speaking Spanish here in the Ft . Lauderdale Florida mission. I am currently serving in Hollywood. I am a part of the greatest work of all time.."

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Super Busy Week

wow ok i have a super busy week to tell you about! i loove hollywood hills and i dont have the address but if you call the mission office they can give it to you no prob. or i'll bring it next week on monday. why doesnt tay ever write me anymore! i am kinda sad cause i just read an email from casey about how one of our friends committed suicide.. that is so sad.. anyways ok holllywood is super nice and high class. we have washer dryer dishwasher all that stuff in our cute nice apt. there are a few ponds ducks and fish live in we run around every morning. well i run she walks. i love sister keller. she is the youngest of 10 kids from orem and she is just so fun and nice and we get along really well . she has been out 9 months. she is really sweet. a member who is my favorite named Oscar took us out to Hard Rock last week and he always buys us stuff. he is super cool and we hang out with him alot. can i get copies of the first 2 pics on mer's blog?? ahh i loove those of owen. we have been getting sooo lost driving and i really need my GPS. this is weird but heres an idea. tomorrow a girl is flying here. there is a guy in our ward brian and his fiancee lives in woodruff and she's coming here tomorrow to visit. so maybe if you call brian get her # and she can bring it or something? brian is way way way cool he speaks english and he knows me. hopefully that will work? if not send it certifiied a lot of stuff has been stolen in mail lately. there are a million j-dubs here and everyone thinks we are j-dubs all the time. and the j's always want to bash with us it is soo dumb. i never knew how many there were. i have met a million people from hondurus and guatamala this week they are so nice and much easier to understand than cubans. one lesson we taught we went fishing with the investigators i will send pics the coming weeks they are on h kel's camera. sounds like you had a good? m day weekend.. it rained like crazy here all is does it rain rain rain. i met some cool jamacians this week too i want to teach them but we have to pass the mto the english. we have this cute fam in the ward the b. and he served his mish in chili and baptized her and they got married and live here and have this CUTE kid tommy how i LOVE and he always kisses me on the cheek (besos) and i wish he and owen could hang out. we did this surprise party for a member with some investigators and it was soo fun we had a big dinner all we ever eat here is fried chicken. expect yesterday we went to this el salvadorian restruant with oscar and i loove that food especially papusas and balliatas. we set our first bap date with this guy carlos this week for june3 but he is kind of creepy he always asks me if i'm single... weird... but he's changing a lot and we're excited for him. on sunday i got asked to bear my testimony in sacrament so i did that in spanish it was so scary but i said a little joke and they all laughed haha so that was good. ok here like 3 families like in a house and like an average number per household is like 13 weird huh. its hard to teach people one on one cause there are always other poeple around. we have fun exchanges a lot which is good cause i still cant teach much in the lessons and it helpes h kell so she doesnt have to teach a lesson by herself. i had this dream the other day about mer that she had a baby and named it gus.. mer if you have a baby please dont name it that.. weird. OH! also huirricane season starts june 1 i need my black dress pants can you send those with brian's gf too? we went to cheesecake factory this week too oh man i wish you could all be here and meet these nice people and the super nice members... yesterday we had 3 lunch apptmnts it was nuts. i am getting so fat ahaha sorry to say it but i am. ohh ah and my acne is getting kind of bad but oh well.. last week we went to this huge swap shop it was soo fun there is lots of shopping. we live right by this univesity called nova so ya there are lost of nice places in our area. some of our investigators marcos carlos and carolina. marcos is the dad (ps i have met 1000000000 people named marcos) and carlos and car are bf and gf. but they have to get married before baptism but they cant get married cause they are illegal.. annyways we are getting their passports hopefully this week and then we get to do their wedding in like 2 or 3 weeks it should be so fun! then all 3 will get baptized! so excited for a wedding! ha. i saw this supershuttle the other day..remember we rode that to the cruise and it made me laugh. oh i got the package mom thanks for sending tht!! you are the best. the pic of me and tay is kind of ug but oh well. ok gotta run but i hope to talk to you soon and i love you and hope all is well. thanks for the continual prayers in this work. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo from 2,555 miles away
hermana meryl call

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


hi guys! i am in hollywood now, they had girls do transfers a day early. so i'm in this place with my new comp her name is Hermana Keller. she is so so so nice. i like her a lot already. i am trying to send pictures but i am not sure if they all worked. i tried to send a totaly of 7 so if they didnt work sorry i will send them from my gmail account next week. they were from sisters conference on friday and from our baptism on sunday. ok so i've had a BUSY week but here is all whats going on and some others things- i want the trek cd, marci do you have it? i think you do..copy that and send it to me please! and send it to tay too. its soo good. i got the jospeh cd i love that one. also i would like the RM soundtrack if anyone has it.. also haha i have some pink tanning goggles in my room-no rush but send those next time you send stuff. sorry i always ask for so much stuff!! i am so high maintaiance, at least thats what my dad always said. ok one more thing. will you get me one of those new gospel art books? THANKS! you rock. ok speaking of dad i have a joke real quick that i think is hilarious...what did one horse say when he moved next door? howdy neigh-bor. haahah i love that.ok so last week we taught jose, his wife joanna is less active they blessed thir baby jasmine a few weeks ago. anyway that lesson went so so well and he really liked hearing about the church. so hopefully they will be reactived so they can raise their family in the gospel. i am sad not to be teaching some of the poeple in hialeah that i was. we had 5 baptismal dates when i left there this morning :) so Guillermo got baptized on Sunday and it was such a neat expericnce. on satuday he kind of freaked out and said he didnt want to get baptized anymore and that he needed more time, but we told him that because he had a testimony and we taught him everything he needed to know he would be fine. so we went back late satuday night and took him his favorite donut and took 2 ward members and talked to him about everything.. then sunday he was ready and excited so after church we had the service which the ward mission leader planned and it was really nice! hopefully you got those pics. another person we were teaching is adolfo. he was what is called a "golden investiagotor" so we had been teaching him, and he felt like he was prepared to hear the gospel. he stopped smoking a few years ago and stopped all his bad habbits but then this past week we taught his word of wisdom and he didnt want to stop drinking his coffee but we asked him to pray about it and he said ok and since then he hasn't drank ANY. and trust me, he was addicted. kind of like i used to srink diet coke 24/7. that was him with his cuban coffee. we have a family working with him that lives a few blocks from him and they are being such great member missionaries. i hope all you at home are member missionaries cause that is SO important. we also had dates with omar and his dad alberto. we were teaching omar a few days ago and in the middle of our lesson omar got up and got in his truck and drove away...it was so random and we haven't talked to him since. so i have no idea what will happen with them. roberto was supposed to get baptized on sunday but has since gone missing, we have no idea where he is. we haven't heard from him since friday so we dont know if he is avoiding us or what. i hope so much that they get back in touch with him and that he can get baptized this transfer. there is a new elder that came into our missino in the middle of the transfer i got to know, i cant remember his name elder A...? but he is from el salvador and learning english. so i would try to speak spanish to him and he practiced english with me and it was so fun i loved getting to know him and hope to serve with him again. we taught this lady maibell who works at pizza hut and we had to teach her there cause she is so busy otherwise, but when we taught her the other day she gave us free pizza it was sweet.. sister conf was SOOOO fun. i met some great new friends and i learned a lot. i mostly hung out with sister olsen and sister clark. in my new area we live with ASL sisters so we are teaching them spanish and they will teach us sign!coolhuh. ok at sis conf they never talked abut missionary work. all about how we can be mothers and wives and that stuff. the huge thing they all said is that we should NOT work when we have families. i got the package thank you-the skirt is too short-oh we actually cant wear knee length but i'll take it back here or send it home. the last 4 lessons we taught in hialeah we asked them to be baptized and we got a date with 1 and i am sure the other 3 all will be bap! as soon as hialeah catches fire we will open cuba. i know it. we taught at this sweet house the other day the guy jose has like a swiss family robinson house and he climbed a coconut tree and cut us down coco's with his mishetti and cut them open and we drank the water from them it was so sweet and he has a million little chickens that follow him around and he has a sprinkler mist system set up in the trees so you lay on the hammock and be misted it was soo cool. last night i went to say bye to my fave people in hialead it was sad and they all said they would miss me and they loved me.. it was cute.. but i am 99% sure i'll serve there again one day. anyway i gotta run but i love you tons and hope all is well.. take care xoxoxo hermana meryl call

Baptism in Hialeah

Baptism in Hialeah

Sister's Conference

Sister's Conference

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Look for Meryl in the red shorts at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4IIJzyWAmk
She is on about 1:27 into the video.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Fun Talking to You

i am only sending one pic, they take forever to load. sorry. it was fun talking to you all last night!! i miss you A LOT. real quick here is what you can send with dad's doctor: my white ghetto AE tank top. not the shade one. my black bebe skirt. anddd my black little jacket sweater thing. thanks! well i dont have a lot to say since we talked last night.. but i guess i will tell you real quick- i am getting transfered next week so mail anything to the mission office so they can send it to my new address. president is going to put me in a place with mixed spanish and english so i can work more on the lessons and teaching in english while still doing spanish. i llloooovvee president hale. he is such a good guy. well mom i can answer your questions i guess- no i have not met my neighbors. but i live in an apartment thats not even in my area in hialeah so even if we do meet them we have to send other missionaries to teach them. no i have not talked to megan at all. my area is mostly safe, kind of scary at times but i know the Lord will protect me. We only run 10 min and so my feet are just fine. the calus came back on my toe but its not colored or bloody or anything. its fine. oh i think right now hma is emailing pics home so ask her mom to forward them to you. oh and i wanted to tell you last night, i dont really think i'm personally going to cuba. i am sure we will open it and i think they will send about 40 missionaries from my mission and some from other missions. but i dont think i will go, at least not when it first opens. please keep praying for it to open because i really love these cubans and want their famililes to hear the gospel! well i will have more to say next week i'm sure, i love you all very much and will talk to you soon!! big big hugs and kissies xoxo
hermana meryl call

Monday, May 4, 2009

Exchanges & Caught in the Rain

The Funnest Week

hii everyone! how are you- sorry for the scattered emails, i will try to make more sense today. this past week has been the funnest of my mission.. before i start a few random things. i need my passport. its in my dresser by my bed. it has a coach cover on it. please send sometime soon. i think we are going to open cuba. we need to teach the people there. please pray specifaclly for cuba to open and to soften the hearts of the leaders there. you can see that day of service we did on youtube, i think i'm in some of the videos or things from the news. i dont know the exact address but but i heard one is at ereport.com then go to miami service. we are allowed to call mothers day on our cell phones so i can call anytime. i will try to call just after 4 my time and so you will be out of church. but i will be sure to call no earlier than 4 my time, but it will be between 4-6 sorry i dont have an exact time. so i did exchanges this week. SO SO fun. i went first with sister salazar in kendall. her comp is sister olson. mom-we had fun talking about how you and her mom are friends on MM. they are both such cute girls. we ate at cheesecake factory then i got to meet poeple there in kendall. they are english sisters so most of our appntments were in english. that was good i understood everything that was going on! then i ate this polish food for dinner and have diaherra every day since.. sorry if that is TMI for yall. but ya sister sal and i got along SO well and i love her to death. she is from mexico city. she is going home at the end of this transfer though and she already extended. coming back to hialeah we got lost and kind of drove to the keys and to miami beach and all these places for like 3 hours.. it was sweet..but we seriously were lost. it was only supposed to be a 24 hr exchange but ended up being 48. then on fri i got to go to hollywood and be compainons with a girl sister moore. we are the only sisters in te mish that graduated 06, everyone else is older. sister moore is an ASL sister so i learned a lot about the ASL program that day. we got to do appointments over the TV with her video phone. then we visited an investigator girl that day and the first thing she said was that she had just written her suicide note. so we talked with this girl for 2 hours. i will tell the story on a tape, its way too long for email. it turns out we had to call the police and they were taking her to lockdown for 72 hrs. i do not need that sears recpet anymore unless you already sent it-my thing works fine. i got my translator and i loove it thank you so much for sending it!! that can count as my birthday present. so it says specifally in the bible that a fast has to be 24 hours. isnt that weird. i always just do like 18 or whatever 2 meals are but no in spanish in the back dictionary part it says 24. it doesnt say that in english though. weird huh. on sat morn we had to be at the church at 6 am. there was a relief society activitiy at 6 am. and guess what we did. we all sat outside and bore our testimonies as the sun came up. haha it was cool but who does that! we would never do that in utah! i was kind of cranky and tired that morning. i have neever been so happy to wake up at 6:30 before. yesterday in sacrament there was a baby blessing it was 8 days old and sooo cute but the family isnt members and has never had missionaries so we are teaching them this week. and the second the bishop sat down after bearing his testimony the whole congregation went up! it was like an army! EVERYONE bore their testimony it was really cool! so our main investigator Guillermo didn't come to church and we didnt know why. we went adn saw him last night he said it was cause earlier in the week a member had gone to visit him and told him he needed all white for his baptism. G realized yesterday morning he didnt have white underwear and he thought his baptism was that afternoon. so he skipped church to buy some breifs. hahah well the baptism is next sunday after church and i'm really excited. when we taught him how to pray he did something really funny-i'll tell you on the tape. when i got the pic of owen i didnt even know that was him! i was like who is this kid.. he is such a cutie. i got the moab postcard thanks for that as well! i love you all so much and look forward to talking to you on sunday!!! have a good week and remember how much i love and apprciate all your mighty prayers every morning!! oxoxoxo hermana meryl call