Mission Scripture

Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.

D&C 68:6

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Hi welcome to my blog! I have been called to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and am speaking Spanish here in the Ft . Lauderdale Florida mission. I am currently serving in Hollywood. I am a part of the greatest work of all time.."

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello There

hello there how's everyone doing? a few things. Marci- thank you to you and anyone who may have helped me get a family name to take to the temple. will you send me a name pronunciation next week, i just want to make sure i am saying it right. also, merideth and grandma elaine... is she the lady we visited in st george and went to chili's or applebee's with? do you remember that? i got another returned mail of something I tried to send Ninny. I dont know why it keeps getting returned-thats 2 things now. i copied the address exactly. what should i do? if this is being copied onto my blog, i want to send a shoutout to my buddies at knight bikes. best bike store ever. i have learned so much this week about the Atonement as I read this book that President Hale approved for our mission, it is called the Continuous Atonement. I just got it for $15 from the mission office. I love it. we are stuck teaching Heaven. we have taught her everything but she doesnt feel like its right to be baptized. although she loves church and everything. so i had my PPI wednesday and President kept speaking some in spanish and some english then telling me that was a hint soo i am getting transferred next week to a spnaish ward the last transfer of my mission. it will be weird since i haven't been in spanish since october. i will move the 1st and then go to the temple the 2nd. so excited for the temple! i have no idea- but if i guessed where i'm going, i think Hialeah with sister lowe. how dumb i will feel if i go there and people will say, oh sister call didnt you serve here more than a year ago? and you didnt speak spanish? and your here again and you still dont speak spanish? hahah i can just see that happening.. and i'll laugh the whole time.. then go and try to learn spanish. pres told me about transfers early cause he wants me to be practicing espanol..cada dia.. so i am! and at PPI president made sister crane senior companion and the driver. its the first time in like 5 months i haven't done that, its a bit of an adjustment but it's ok. last night we had the temple fireside, it is now called the South Florida Temple, not the Ft. Lauderdale temple. we saw pictures (computer rendering but they look real life) it will be beautiful! they think ground breaking will be the end of this year.. sad i'll miss it but i want to see it when its done. it will be a medium size temple. well i dont really have much else to say for this week except that i love you all so much and hope you are all doing well . have a good week
sister call

Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Loved Ones

hello dear loved ones. first off i wish marci a happy birthday and mom and dad a happy anniversary. random news. those coming in july i found out miami lakes is 9-12 and homestead is 1-4 so we will be going to both wards. brush up on your espanol. i ate some applesauce this week that expired in 2008. i think that must've come from a food-room-clean-out project. i think this got erased from mom's tape but my friend bridget (contact her through casey) she is going to the mission nate fank is coming home from. i want them to talk if they can. ask casey when bridget leaves and see if nate will be back before she goes. my exchange with sister denson was soo fun.. the zoo was a blast and the exchange was soo good. i learned so much sister d! she is such a good missinoary and has grown soo much since she and i served in boca. i sure love her. on tuesday we had one of my best days in homestead :) every house we went to, the person was there. we got a new investigator. lots of the people we went to see were not on our initial plans.. which means (and i'm not trying to brag) but i followed the Spirit to know where to go.. i have been trying so hard to listen to the Spirit to confirm my plans. it was a really neat day! we followed this guy raul (a member) the other day, he told us he wanted us to teach his friend so we drove behind him but he kept driving south and we we ended up 20 miles from key largo.. the furthest south i ever been. pretty cool! I am working real hard on trying to understand the ATONEMENT. any advice? the baptism was soo good. 5 people got baptized. i love Aida for makign this choice. She was confirmed yesterday in sacrament meeting. also jordan (who i taught before at jordan collie's) he got baptized! it started way late and there were long talks so it didnt end til late saturday night but it was all worth it. Aida's family all came so i got to meet her husband daughter and (i already knew them) her 2 grandsons. hopefully they felt the spirit and we can teach them! sis crane and i taught sunday school yesterday 16-18 yr olds there were 9 of them.. ah. kinda scary but they are all my good friends so it was good! this is a list of reasons that you know you've been a missionary for 15 months.
1.your skirts and tops are getting thin so you always have to wear a slip or undershirt
2.your garments are so thin. i wont say any more details.
3.your next phone call home will be before your brother's next phone call home
4.you feel uncomfortable when people say my first name
5. you give people directions depending on where i am in relation to the ocean ( you know like you do it with the mountains)
6.people tell you that you drive like your from miami
7.90 degree heat dont bother you
8.you get more letters from friends you met here than you do friends you grew up with

uhh ok that was supposed to be funny but sorry if it wasnt
i hope you all have a good good week and i love you so so much
sister call

Monday, May 10, 2010

Things Are Good

hola how's everyone doing? things are good here in homestead, today before we switch for exchanges we are going to the miami zoo with the miami 4 sisters. should be fun! i had the best (ok and the only) quinceanera ever.. thank you for the new clothes and presents mom and dad! did you pick out white on purpose? that day sister crane wanted to surprise me and take me to eat latin food but its hard when i'm the driver to make anything be a surprise.. but we did go get cuban pizza (which is so delicious) and that was fun. we spent a lot of time this week tracting in the redlands (like the everglades but the opposite side.. i cant really explain sorry) but it was so quiet and peaceful i almost felt like i was in UTAH. weird! it was nice to get away from miami for awhile. but the peopel that live there in the redlands have their own way of doing things and not much success came from it. tanner hale (president's 19 year old son) went in the MTC this week. he left FL on tuesday night. i had zone conference on wednesday morning, and the hales told us they dont have family in utah to pick him up from the airport so they had a friend pick him up. then they showed us a pic of tanner that morning with the Uchtdorf's. too bad for tanner, right :) we got these nice new phones they are just like my blackberry i had! i dont know how we afford that, but oh well. i learned we are the only mission in the world with texting .. i think thats what the said.. but i could be wrong. we sang a childs prayer at zone conf. sis crane and i sang 1 verse then some elders the 2 then the combined part we switched to spanish. it was really cool. aida is still good to get baptized sat night- yay! xavior and heaven are praying about the 22, and so is julian. when we extended the date michelle automatically said no and that was too bad, i thought she got the restoration but i guess not :( its been 90 degrees and its real hot while riding bikes, but its also been raining some. so no matter what people think we are crazy. we met this man sylvester he's like 65 but he has 21 kids.. wouldnt that be a sweet family to baptize haha. we have a new elder working in homestead south he just got here he's from tonga and i have a hard time understanding him, he's learning english. yesterday in gospel principles i had to stand before the class and recite the first vision.. i did it perfectly but sometimes i have such a hard time doing it cause i know it so much better in spanish so i say it in spanish in my head and translate it. then we had a nice lunch during relief society put on by the elders quorom. omar came to church by himself, michlle took the kids for the day and she's starting to frusterate me, but i'm so proud of him as he prepares and works towards getting the priesthood and as he becomes active again. i love this work, i'm so glad i get to be serving where i am, right now apart of this work
love sister call

Monday, May 3, 2010


hi guys how's everyone doing? this week was fine. will you pray for Aida, Julian, Michelle, and Heaven. Yes we are teaching a 13 yr old girl named Heaven. That's perfect huh! She's really cute but a little gothic.. lives with just her dad, her dad is 100% supportive but doesnt want to learn for himself. well all 4 of those people didnt come to church yeterday but we did have 3 investigators there. this guy at the bike store frank, his friend james (those are the 2 guys we went to lunch with last monday) james came to church. and last week at lunch he was drinking alot of alcholic beverages so we gave him a word of wisdom pamplet and well he obviously didnt read it cause he showed up to church yesterday and hmmm how do i say this. you couldn't get too close too him cause his breath smelled like beer! ah!! i've never had an investigator come to church drunk. the other 2 were kedesha's family. she is in NY but her 10 yr old daughter and her little bro who i think is 11, they came. Sister Latty (who is Kedesha's co-worker and orignally invited her and picks her up every week) she went and picked them up yesterday. so that was good to have 3. this satruday morning we have a baptism in the ward.. you know jordan collie. well he has a friend named jordan nunez (who is 14) and they've known each other for life. jordan n was at jordan c's house once and we taught him.. he wanted to continue going to church so he has but the homestead south elders taught him cause he lives 2 blocks out of our area! lame. but so happy he's getting baptized saturday, and how cool the jordan is already being a missionary! we had a training by my zone leader this week about sacrifice.. so i'm focusing a lot on what i can sacrifice. it hasnt been easy but i am giving up a a few things for something i want more.. like i give up some journal writing time at night so i can get more sleep.. cause i need it! but i am still writing in my journal every day. a few days ago we were driving and i asked sister crane to call rickie to see how he's doing and make sure he got connected with missionaries in NY. while the phone was ringing i pulled over because i saw ...rickie.. walking down the street! dont know if he lied to us or what but he said his trip got pushed back. man people here are so weird. i met my first person from hong kong this week. she spoke some english but we ordered her a BOM in her kantonese language. only problem is, she's a jehova's witness and already gets the watchtower in her language! i got a little sick this week and threw up 2 nights, i think it is cause i'm getting a little stressed when i look at a calendar.. but i'm ok and know i just need to calm down. ha. my big announcement is that, i cooked a whole pound of raw hamburger for my first time this week. wow. it was ssick. sure hope i dont have to do that often in my lifetime. yucky. michelle and julian.. well i love going over there every week they feed us and we have a lesson but this week we wanted to extend may 22 but it just didnt happen and now i feel so bad still, like the worst missionary ever and if i leave homestead and julian isnt baptized i'll be sad for the rest of my life.. so i pray that this week we will have success! yesterday for fast sunday.. i know many of you fast for me (and for that I THANK YOU!) but i wanted to do it too so i did a gratitude fast because i am so grateful for each of you. next week mon-wed i will be on exchanges. sister denson is coming down here and i am so happy! the coral reef north elders gave Aida a blessing this week and it helped her a lot.. she is for sure all set to get baptized on the 15 yay! saturday was a long day, we only got to see 3 out of our 18 plans and backups. BUT we had something great happen. there is this lady, Ionie Moore, who got baptized about 9 months ago. She's been once since she was confirmed. we go visit her weekly or every other and she always says she'll come but never does!! well we were there satrday, and we had her call a member to come pick her up for sunday. when she called sister samways and she said "i want to go to church'... i almost cried it was so happy for me, and how great when she walked in (late and sat front center front row) on sunday, i was in the back and so happy. it sure is nice when i get to see results from all the work i'm doing here. i look forward to talking to you all on next sunday and hope you have a really good week. xoxoxoxoxoxo
sister call