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Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.

D&C 68:6

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Hi welcome to my blog! I have been called to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and am speaking Spanish here in the Ft . Lauderdale Florida mission. I am currently serving in Hollywood. I am a part of the greatest work of all time.."

Monday, November 30, 2009

A Dinosaur Computer

hey guys, how are you doing? i'm on this dinosaur computer that is slower than the one in the computer room and i think i might go crazy! it's taking forever! how was the week? sounds like you had a fun thanksgiving! wish you could've been there. i am not sure how everyone already knew about what i did on thanksgiving but i guess someone texted mom or soemthing? daylin wrote and said you invited her over..that was really sweet of you guys. thank you. did you see the pic of her in the new era this month? did i ever tell you there are no basements here in Florida in any house? that is so weird to me still. when i showed people the pic of my room in teh basement they couldnt believe i had a basement. haha. I LOVE THAT BOOK! thank you thank you mom and helpers! that was so special and i think i've showed it to half of boynton beach. the dentist was ok, i had no caviies and they made me take x rays even though i didnt want to. thanks for letting me go. ok so for christmas i think it'd be fun to all be able to talk like even me and tay together soo pres hale knows this number you call and make a conference line and its free. so we all just call this number and we can all talk its like a chat room but on the phone ya know? soo what do yall think. my PPI was really good, it was scary having President in the house but it went really well actually and he is such a wonderful mission president i cant even express how much i love him! he is called of God no doubt. he said i'll be staying here with sis olson prob next transfer. he also said he isnt even sure if he'll be here for the temple groundbreaking. sad huh. so we are praying temple work will go quick! i would LOVE to be here for the groundbreaking. i had kind of a hard week and lots of strange things happened..i know you want to know all but i can't really tell you all... i do want to say i am SO grateful to be raised in a home of loving parents and that my father holds the Preisthood. i heard all about the BYU-UT game, i was at a bonfire when it was on and all these memebrs were inside watching it online. it was 58 the other day brrr i almost froze.. my shouilder isnt better in 1 week i'll go to a doc. our homeless investigator robert showed up yesterday at church after not seeing him in 1 week! yay.. also we are teaching greg and leslie and chris. please pray for chris greg leslie robert shanika and nachovia. i hope for them all to be baptized in december because we are trying to have a white christmas :)
i love you guys so much and thank Heavenly Father for you like 50 times a day
Hermana Call

Sunday, November 29, 2009

At our Thanksgiving activity and also the day all the Sisters wore sweaters. (I promise I was the first one dressed that day and everyone copied.)

A banana tree. We're growing fruits while you are snuggling heaters. :)

Me at my hospital last week.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm Almost Famous

check out my sweet article..
i'm almost famous

Subject: FW: Sister Call is doing well...

Clint & Becky – The Stake Presidency asked to stay updated regarding Sister Call’s condition. I sent the following note to them this morning. Thank you both for staying in-tune with the Spirit and for taking several hours out of your busy schedules to help one of our beloved missionaries!


Sent: Friday, November 13, 2009 6:08 AM
Subject: Sister Call is doing well...

President Current, President Angelos, and President Matute -

Karen and I visited Sister Call and Sister Olsen last night at Bethesda Memorial Hospital. Both were in good spirits and both remained very cheerful about the experience. Sister Papenfuss and her daughter stayed with the sisters until Sister Call was released around 12:30a. Nothing troubling was found with the CAT Scan, which is standard procedure when trauma to the head is suspected. She has a few minor cuts that were cleaned last night. She did not appear to be in any pain, but I’m sure she’ll be a little sore today.

I believe the details of the accident went something like this: Sister Call followed her companion through an intersection (both were on bike with the required head- and tail-lights) and, from what I understand, a car rolled through the intersection striking Sister Call. She was thrown from her bike and landed unconscious. She doesn’t really remember anything immediately before or after the accident. What she does remember is seeing Brother Clint Papenfuss and his teenage daughter Chelsea rushing to her at the scene.

Apparently, Brother Papenfuss was on an errand and had decided to bring along his daughter. They had just stopped for ice cream and were on their way when he saw the scene. Several cars were stopped and many people were crowded around when he felt suddenly that he needed to stop and give assistance. He rushed to the victim’s side and began providing aid when he suddenly realized that he recognized these young ladies. It was a miracle because Sister Olsen, who was still shaken, was struggling with what the right procedures were: who should she call, would it be okay to use an ambulance due to expense, etc. Ultimately, Sister Call was rushed to Bethesda in an ambulance.

One of the lighter moments had to do with Sister Call’s first words to Chelsea when she arrived at the scene, “Can I have a lick of your Ice Cream?”


Bishop McClintock

A Million Things

holy cow i have a million things i want to say and not much time so excuse the typos. i will be sad to miss tahnksgiving with you all. especially sad with none of mom's rolls :(. its so weird no snow here or rain lately and its still in the 80s but i know you guys have snow brrr. my comp and sis pirotta are both sick but i am keeping my immune system up and invincibile so i am healthy. i am mostly better from the accident but my upper left shoulder still hurtrs quite a bit. i think i'll wait another week before i haeve it checked out. might just be bruised muscle. in advance, dont send me any christmas house decor please, we already have enough! pres is coming to our apartments for PPIs and mine is tomorrow. i also have a dentist appontment tomorrow- how should i pay?? mom can you call sister papenfuss and tell her? wait no i think i'm gonna be with sarah tonight so i'll have her call you when i'm near her :) elder dalling is my helper with all the accident stuff and is being a great help. but landon, i hear your in texas so maybe you can stop here on your way home and come be my lawyer if we decide to sue? i tried on this pair of true religions the other day at plato's closet that cost $18. i mention this in the family email because many of you know i paid much more than that for mine at home. chelsea papenfuss has been giving me lots of her old clothes.. so once again, as a reminder, please no clthes for bday or christmas! thanks! dad i heard you called the office and asked if you should get a second job to pay for my bills.. haha funny but sad. i hope with both insurances we'll be ok. i had to do the missionary purpose on tuesday at zone conf in front of lots of missionaries. i was nervous but did really good...until walking off stage i tripped on a hymn book and started laughing a little too loud (it was really reverent in there. leave it to me to destroy that..) man you guys would've laughed too. i want to tell you aout some peopel we are teaching but i dont have time so i will make a tape asap and send it within the next few weeks. i am challegngig you all to do something i started doing recently and that is to once a day only say a gratitude prayer and things you are thankful for and dont ask for anything. will you all do that? we live close to this bike america store and this boy zack always helps me with my bike, so we went in my 1st time riding after the crash and he fixed the handlebars that were a little bent and everything all for free.. man he's soo nice. so my nike is like brand new and i'm happy. any advice on what to say to athiests? president hale calls me and sister olson B4.. (boynton beach biker babes) hahaha. i have 63 different florida licese plates isnt that cool! nin thanks for the package! i am dying about this new mooon thing, i've heard its really good and i'm jealous you all get to go! the papenfuss' kids are here for thanksgiving and they have kids from washington like alkeli or something.. do you know where th=at is? mom sister p emailed you a week ago but you never wrote back.. did you get it? ah man they have this 20 month old boy i played with last night he is JUST like owen.. man i miss you guys... will you pray for robert, que, jessica, nachovia, shanika, leslie greg, and chris? thanks!! i love you guys all so so much. happy thanksgiving! tke care!!
hermana meryl call

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One of me, Sister Hale, Sister Olsen, and Sister Bradley after Sisters Conference.

One of me and the Sisters that I live with at Sisters Conference.

Chelsea Papenfuss and I at the hospital. We got matching Transformer band-aids!

Sister Papenfuss and I at the hospital.

With Sister Denson and Sister Olsen.

My helmet that was cracked and torn up on the side when my head hit the pavement.. I threw that one away and President Hale gave me a new one!

The Sisters I lived with last transfer made me a surprise present- these shirts! I was so excited and happy. The meaning of them is kind of inside joke..sorry..

Monday, November 16, 2009

I am Alive

hellooo!! here i am! i am alive! dont even worry guys, i'm totally doing better from my bike/car collision last thursday night. it was a pretty strange experience. since i'm assuming you mostly know all the details i won't take too much time retelling them. i will just go about my usual weekly email k! last week sister olsen gave me a tennis lesson and i decided it's a lot easier on the wii but it is some good exercise so we want to play a lot this transfer. all the elders have named their bikes and i decided mine needs a name.. but i have not come up with one yet so any ideas would be great. i love being in the palm beach zone. they always have the most success in the mission in this zone but its hard cause we never see each other! (cause we dont do p day activities anymore) so its weird i'm like finally where i wanted to be but i dont even know who is in my zone. oh except elder fredrick. he is. we have been going to these neighborhoods in the daytime where i am the minority.. yikes.. actually we're the ONLY white poeple in the whole 'hood.. i never thought i'd be some place like this! we had to ride in a lot of rainstorms last week but luckily one time when my shirt went a little see through (sorry fellas) we went to the papenfuss' and i got to use thier dryer. man i love them so much. my newest talent of the week... (that i only do while in neigherhoods) is that i can ride my bike with no handlebars... no handlebars.. haha ok but really i can but not for too long cause i get nervous haha. i've been seeing new moon stuff everywhere and its almost going to drive me crazy- are you guys going to it? my helmet has been giving me a little bit of what i call helmet acne ugh gross i know, but i sweat so much with that thing on my head i cant help it cause the straps rub against my skin. i think i mentioned to mom that sister o and i also got hit thursday morning, but it was by the same lady she hit sister o's back tire and my front. it was scary and she was turning right at the stop sign (same as when i got hit that night) anyway she wasnt paying attention and it scratched my bike up a little but i think i scratched her car even more so we didnt worry about it. i guess i was being prepared for something bigger although even that freaked me out. so ya at the hospitol did i say one of my nurses is this asian man in my ward here? he was really nice. like he wheeled me down where i got the CAT scan. also the bishop and his wife came to visit me that night. remember we just got a new bishopbric here? it was the bishop's first hosptiol visit.. there were so many souls taking care of me that night i dont think i can count.. wait for sure i can't count cause i couldn't see at least half of them.. as horrifying as it was, it was a really special experience. Sister O also took good care of me that night and throughout the night and ever since then. at sisters conference it was soo fun and i am so gald i got to go. the speakers the bradley's live in murray. maybe close to archuleta's. ok seriosuly i dont know how to ever repay the Papenfuss' they are so special and dear to me. i love them soo much. i cant wait for you to meet them all some day. heavenly Father gave me a special gift Friday night.. ever since the day i moved to florida i haven't seen one star cause of clouds or lights or whatever. but i looked up fri night and there was a sky full of stars! i wanted to cry! well i wasnt so sore on friday but i woke up mega sore on saturday but got lots of backrubs and i'm borrowing a heating pad so i'm feeling a little better today. i'm not ready to hear the whole story from sister olsen yet of what happened (i dont really remember much of it) but i think later this week i'll have her tell me. whenever people want to hear it i've had to leave the room. i've been told i will soon have lawyers bombaring my mailbox wanting me to sue this guy? i'm not sure what i should do about that so i'll just hang onto them until i figure it out. we get the police report on fri and plan on going to teach this man (i hear it was a young black man in his 20s) . i have gotten so many sweet caring calls and texts from poeple and the guys in the ward who think they're funny nicknamed me crash.. it's an interesting side note to say that i didn't get any marks anywhere my garments were covering me. in fact, the mega bruise above my knee is almost a straight line where my garments covered. anyway i know sister olsen just sent like a long email to her family so maybe you can get some details from taht if you are intereested. remember my good special friend erania vargas in miami lakes who i loved and elder johnson baptized her while i was in boca? her husband got baptized yesterday and although i couldn't be there it was a special day for me cause i loved him and their family a lot. okay i gotta go but i also love you a lot! like a lot a lot! please know i'm doing better and appriciate all your prayers and love and concern. your the bestest family ever!
hermana meryl call

Monday, November 9, 2009

Meryl and her companion.


hey guys how's everyone doing? i am now in boynton beach.. we call ourselves the boynton beach biker babes. sister o and i are the only 2 sisters in the mission on bike. we're the trial run and so far so good, execpt that i had a sore bum the first few days. i've learned to much about bikes i never knew before. it's pretty fun. keys on this keyboard keep sticking so i apologize for typos. hey so i can go to the dentist right? what one will work with our insurance? like can you call that 1-800 and ask what dentist is good or soemthing? if you find a good one, call and give the info to the mission office. oh the office called me this morning and asked i keep encouraging friends and family to put my first name on the letters cause there are now 2 sister call's, the other one is 100% deaf. my address here is
2301 South Congress Ave #223
Boynton Beach, FL 33426
thanks. well i was sad to leave miami lakes again but i can't wait to go back one day with all of you.. and maybe if i'm lucky again the next 9 months. transfer day was infredible, i went all over the whole mission from miaimi lakes to hialeah, plantation, mission office, boca raton, west palm, then boynton. we had so much fun and of course felt super cool with our brand new bikes on the back of our car. oh wait. we don't have a car. we got one for the day but we are stuck with just our bikes now. my 9 month was really fun, i took the typical 9 month pictures and got the ccuuttessst package from mom. thank you :) loved it. i can't beleive i'm halfway done already. that freaks me out a little. it's gone by so fast. biking has been a little hard in a skirt but i wear these legging tight things and pull them up to my knees so they dont show. last thurs we got caught in a rainstorm going to a meeting with our bishop and my skirt got caught in the back spoke so my back tire was skidding, i couldt figure out what was wrong til i got off my bike. haven't had that problem anymore and sure glad that's the only time its rained on us. it has been really windy though and strange how the wind always seems to be going against you, even if you turn a corner. i met this guy fitz from st thomas and lots of islanders here.. and lots of haitians.. but its so fun to meet the islanders cause i have been to their home ya know? the other 2 girls we live with are both sleep talkers and we have all 4 beds in the same room right next to each other. kinda fun but not when they dont stop talking all night! saturday we helped bishop's son do his eagle scout project pulling weeds and using machetti's to chop weeds and we got a new bishopbric on sunday here. my whole district is only 6 missionaries, me and sis O and sister gardner (who is 26 haha)and sister p and the 2 creole elders. and we're all in the same ward too. elder edwards translates sacrament meeting. i am sad i missed owen's birthday but looks like it was fun.. we had a crazy time yesterday with the baptismal font but i dont have time to type it so mom-ask sister o's mom cause she told it in her email..we got invited to thanksgiving dinner at a cute family from venezuala and i am so happy cause i love them so much already. okay the other things for my christmas list i want a nice new hairbrush and a little bell for my bike to ding..yep well i gotta run but have a good week all of you and i will tlak to you soon. take care
te amo
hermana m call

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sisters on Cycles

Sisters Olson and Call,
We're raising the bar in South Florida - our first ever Sister on Cycles!!
We can't deny the success of our Elders on Bikes - as such we can only
imagine what it can be like with our Sisters doing same. Game on! We'll
look forward to your report at our Sisters Luncheon in two weeks. Success to
you dear Sisters and the entire Ft Lauderdale team!
Much love,
President Hale

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

At Hermana Vargas' house and her granddaugter Amanada's bday. I love Hermana Vargas soo much. She got baptized by Elder Johnson while I was in Boca Raton.

The Chavez family. They are so special to me. They made me my last pupusa lunch on Halloween. Can't wait for you to meet them.

Ana's baptism with Elder Cotterrell, Kinzle and President Hale.

Some of my favorite boys in the Miami Lakes Ward.

Hello Everyone

hello everyone i got lots of fun emails today soo i dont have as much time to email as i wish but its ok! thanks for saying hi! right now it is 96 degrees outside and i laid out during personal and comp study at the pool in our skirts.. i got sunburned a little.. is it really november?! i got a cute postcard from rich and chelsea tell them thanks-they sent it to the wrong address though so make sure they get the right one please! sad my good friend elder h. went home but if you are in boise go give him a hug from me. nin mentioned something in my halloween note about a babylon box.. what is that? what does that mean?! we were late to church on sun for my first time in 9 months- didn't have meetings cause it was fast sunday and we were late hahah (it wasnt my fault either, fyi) but ya i laughed a little bit. cant believe owen will be TWO! thats nuts! and me and tay are turning NINE!! i dont feel that old at all. happy birthdays owen and taylor! soo i haven't had any problems at all with my camera lately so dont worry about getting me a new one actually.. i'll be fine! thanks though! mom mentioned sickness... well i dont mean to be graphic but i got pretty sick this past week.. had the worst diahrrea of my life.. it was BAD. but i'm ok now! a member MADE me drink pepto bismal at her house and then i didn't go potty for days soo that was weird i'm all better now! we have a new senior couple the welch's and sis welch is a nurse so she told me to go on a 24 hr liquid no milk diet and that helped too. haha we got a parking ticket this week but we got it paid.. sure glad to be going on bike for that reason. its been so good to be back with elder and sister hogge the senior couple cause i love them A LOT. marci did you get your halloween card? mom i'm ok on money, thanks for checking :) i looooved my halloween package and am going to freeze my breads so they wont go moldy. thank you thank you! i actually didnt realize why you sent those meatballs til llike 5 minutes ago but now i get it and am so happy the dry ice was melted i'm sure they'll still be good. so i have this new saying when i get embarassed to talk to someone cause they're like gothic or something like i just keep reminding myself either i'll never see them again or i'll see them at the their baptism and in heaven.. so thats been helpful cause i still get nervous to talk to people a lot! we've had a little drama here cause hermana f. is OBSESSED with this cuban fair thats happening in feb and she leaves dec.. oh man i am not even going to give details cause i dont have time but i just watned to again ask to people pray for cuba-and also that the cubans on the other side of the viel will help us get in. i got my hair cut this morn by a member for free and i have bangs.. just wanted it a little shorter and for my ponytail i'll be having every day next transfer. lately i've been told i should just be latin.. or marry a latin.. thats probably the biggest compliment ever. i have been meeting people i know that i knew before this life and having the coolest expericnces.. i wish you were all here.. we arent having p-day zone activites anymore and thats been a pretty big deal this week here.. i am almost out of room but i want you to remind me of halloween at a man named arturo's house one day ok? its a long story. i got a farewell dinner by bishop dennis on sunday with all my fave food.. it was soo good.. last night had a great well attended FHE.. i'm pretty sure i'm going to boynton beach with sister olsen but if i can i'll have someone text mom tomorrow.. pray i wont fall on my bike. love you guys more than words can say...
hermana meryl call