Mission Scripture

Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.

D&C 68:6

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Hi welcome to my blog! I have been called to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and am speaking Spanish here in the Ft . Lauderdale Florida mission. I am currently serving in Hollywood. I am a part of the greatest work of all time.."

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Flight Plans

what the crap. i was just writing an email and it disappeared. i am sorry... i will have to update you more later but i will write what i can in 14 min. i cant wait to leave this place.. got flight plans last thurs i report to the travel office tues morning at 4am. my flight 1586 slc to atlanta leaves 7:15-12:50 so i will prob call home around 6. then 1:35-3:25 atlanta to ft lauderdale. if you havent sent my package i want brand five gum in the green package. and some forever stamps since the price is going up. i'm sending steve a tape my district sings the efy medley in spanish on. steve please go share it with my family!! thanks for all the letters and cards this week :) dad... you have a calling as a bishop coming up i can just feel it. thanks for cleaning my room for marci sorry i didnt leave it cleaner. there is a girl going to fl english that will be my comp. glad to hear about tammy. i'm excited for conf but not because they said no pj's pillows or blankets. i have lots to do this week so i didnt get many letters written but i will write as soon as i can. if you want me to call you at the airport please get my your #. i ran over 20 miles in my gym class this past week. last sat we had a zone olympics it was fun practiving the gospel and spanish in games. spanish has gotten a little better but still is hard. we have had 2 departure meetings that make me more excited to get out of here. hope everyone is going well. i love you and miss you and really look forward to talk to you next tuesday morning. sorry again about the short email
hermana call

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2 Weeks Left

hi did you know in 2 weeks from right now i will be in florida. that is the best thing that has happened in a long time. i am so excited. i get my flight plans this friday!! sweeeet!! i will let you know the itinerary next tuesday. i have had some memory loss.. i need your phone numbers, send them to me in a Dear E so i can call you from the airport! they have some serivice i can drop off stuff at here and they call you to pick it up so mer i may have you come get some stuff i dont take. we'll see. last tues for devo it was L Tom Perry i sang in the choir it was awweessooome he talked about companionshships and how importatnt they are. well i am trying so hard to love hermana b but i am really looking forward to getting someone new in 2 weeks. the nurse popped my blister and the other one we are just going to leave alone for my mission cause it got a big calus over it and wont pop. on wed we got a new district in our zone they are all going to argentina and they are so good at spanish already it blows my mind. i've tried hard in class all week but this whole subjunctive thing is wayyy hard- do you get it marci or landon? last week i read a talk that really helped it was from last general conference called "you know enough" and i have used that idea whenever i get scared that i wont know enough spanish by the time i get there.. because i will know enough and the Lord will help me with the rest :) we have weekly interviews with our teachers and last week my teacher hermano peterson told me he was proud cause i have been a lot happier and he's seen an inprovement also beaucse i work my butt off when we go to the RC. on thursday i think it was way hot outside and so i sat ourside to study and got sunburned haha my face hurt way bad. i am sending a package today or tomorrow mom and dad watch for it. a few days ago in gym i decided to do a 5 miler in 45 min it was thurs night and i didnt make it. i only got 4.5 so fri morning right after breakfast i had gym again and decided to try harder so i did... then right after my watch said 5 miles i ran to the gargaabge and puked marshmellow mateys and bananas all over the place.. well it was the best tasting barf i'd had in awhile and it has happened a few times since then. but yesterday at gym i ran 5.1 miles in 42 min i am so proud! also at gym my thighs are chaffing i hate that so thats been gross but then i remembered i have spandex bikers so i've worn those and it helps. on sat we went to the RC and i mostly did a chat the whole time with someone from the check republic it was cool but hard cause of the language they didnt know english well but wont meet with missionaries there. i got a really really bad cold on saturday i sneezed about a million times and i prayed so hard that night and you know what. i have not sneezed twice since that day. it is a miracle and i am so happy. the Draper temple house was awesome i am so glad i got to go..even though i may or may not have fallen asleep during that prayer.. yes thank you i know elder w spoke.. yestrday the oldest disctct went ot mexico so we are the oldest in our zone now and i dont feel like we that old but i am so glad! i got that package yesterday thanks for sending it that was really fun especaiallly the tape. oh a few things i need before going to Fl. i love my shade/downeast shirts i esp want my brown green and pink one i cant remember if i have any other colors but send all those shirts please. also my stretchy reebock and adasia headbands i wear they are in my second drawer down in my bathroom send those please. any in that drawer. also in my big bathroom cupboard send 2 bars of the dove soap, and in one of my cubes in my room the blue long biker shorts. i will be buying some things in the bookstore before i leave because missionaries get 40% off so i'll buy a few jornamls and batteries and stuff.. it'll be on my visa so dad you might see a chrage come through on there. well sorry this week wasnt so eventful but i love you all and hope you are doing well. i love you so much. thanks for the letters and support . xoxoxoxo hermana meryl

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Life at the MTC

hola!! como esta familia... i hope you are all doing well! it was finally P day and i am so glad! the weeks are getting longer but days are going by shorter. strange how that happens. a few personal notes- marci: thank you for the talk, i got in the mail today. it got way beat up by the postal service though. ouch. thanks for the fun pics- looks like you're livin the dream girl. just send elder pace a letter to the same that you send mine but put his mish in and leave the mailbox # blank. they can fill it out no problem. i loved the postcard from mom and marci that was fun to get..you must;ve had a good trip! mom: i will send you a longer tape next time so you dont have to listen to it 3 times doing your stretches. i already started making yall a new tape i will prob send it in about a week. it has an interesting story on it so be excited! why didnt dad get to talk on it? too busy? the amount of letters i get is perfect.. i am kind of used to getting mail daily so if i dont it kind of makes me bummed but if i dont then its ok! but just keep writing however often you are. how is your back mom? i noticed the email you sent taylor and the DE you sent me were QUITE similar.. hah... haha.. taylor send me those pics of us from our last evening. i'll look for that poem but if they dont have it here i know they sell it at DB. your service sounds siiickk.. i do an hour of service every week here its basically slave labor. but we get to put up the flags all around from different countries its pretty fun. the mtc is doing alright, same old same old. spanish still is poopie but coming along none the less. i think owen needs a puppy so merideth can get more done. someone buy him one. i got the package, thanks for sending it. and everything in it was just what i asked for. i just started reading the miracle of forgiveness have any of you read it? can someone please send me some Rio just do it same day delivery and send it UPS or someting ahh i crave it like a pregnant woman!! the elders in my district going to my mish is E holloway, barrington, lowder, and jones. i love elder holloway. he and i made an alliance.. because we just started this game i cant explain it'll take too long but its a spanish thing and ugh never mind i will write it to someone in a letter. sister minetto is sitll my favorite sister i just love her to death we get along so well. she is super super cute. i met an elder from ft lauderdale on sunday he told me about the mish and the president and the langugage he said cubans there will bend over backwards to help me learn spanish and that people are so nice, he said the work is hard but coming along and that there are branches there for spanish. its gonna be so hot when i get there. on friday i had a hard night so this security guy gave me a blessing and i talked to him after and he said i am not here to learn spanish. i can learn it when i get there. but while i am here i need to learn how to learn spanish! i think that is true and that helps me a lot. i am glad to hear tammy is doing better. tell her i send my love. can you please send my address for FL? running has been AWESOME and i love it so much. i got to run outside with a sister yesterday. but that was good cause i get in trouble allll the time for running with elders. no sisters run except me and the elders help pace me but then i get in trouble its lllaamme. the TRC yesterday in spanish was good but i had to leave early to go to the ortho. my new retainer ruined my bite a little so i had to have it adjusted and its a little loose now but it'll work. my toe blister is ssick. they want me to go to a pediatrist to get it cut off but i told them no. that is a waste of money. i can live with it. it doesnt hurt just looks gross. i will send pictures home later this week you can all look at! there are usually 5 companionships per distruict. oh happy st patricks day!!! i sing in the choir and i'm allways on the screen during firesides singing it is awesome!! i gave the lesson on sunday that went really well and the spirit was strong. on sunday we get to go to the draper temple dedication i bought a white hankie so that will be good! anything new on the mazda? on fri i got to go to a glasses strore to get sister b new glasses and they have a a randy jackson brand hahah ok i gotta go but i love you all so much and thanks to all for the nice fun notes. big hugs and kisses to each of you..
hermana meryl

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quick Update

if you have ever heard complaints about this mtc email they are true! i hate this email system! it deletes everything. ugh. i will give you a quick update in the time i have left. the mtc is going ok..not great but not bad. its getting old and repetitive. i am trying to make it fun but i am counting down the 28 days til i leave to the sunshine state :) spanish class is still super hard but i am trying. it makes me frusterated a lot. especially grammer and the conjugations. there is so much to memorize and my brain had a red flashing FULL light going on all the time so i dont know what to do. we have this thing called SYL.. landon did you do that? it means speak your language. we have to rate ourselves 3 times a day on how well we are doing speaking. my favorite is going to the TALL computer lab doing activities on there. it was fun reading tay's 20 quiestions..how come i dont get questionaries? tay is such a big boy! how is tammy o. doing? any better? dad have you had a chance to work on the mazda? are you finished with the house in denver? where is my tape hellooo. i am in love with sister minetto. we have so much fun together. i wish she was my companion or every just going to my mission. my favorites are still personal study and preach my gospel time and gym time. i ran 5 miles last thurs in 40 min and this saturday i am going to race my mile time. dad the girls here snore worse than you! and i dont dare kiss them and tell them to roll over.. mom you asked if people talk to each other here YES it is nuts. the kids learning japanese or something bow to me all the time. its weird. it is so fun i have 7 friends here and i feel so popular.. haha.. my friend austin made me this sweet present last week he is the coolest. in the cafetria there is this elder i dont know his name but he ALWAYS takes my tray for me he is so nice. and the elders always stand up for the sisters when we are walking by about to sit down. dad do you miss taylor smooching on you. last thurs for service we got to put up all the flags outside the mtc it was cool! we got to pick what ones we wanted. daylight savings time drained me and i'm sure it did all of you. on satuday in the RC i decided to make as many calls as possible cause we weren't getting any chats. i made 76 calls and think i talked to 4 or 5 people. it was really neat, one lady i had an AWESOME conversation with and she committed to going to church on sunday. on sunday elaine dalton (general yw pres) spoke at relief society and talked alot about running.. and how it is like a mission with running hills. it was a great talk! that night we watched joseph smith prophet of the restoration. man i just LOVE joseph smith! he is so great!! i want to be just like Emma. we took some neat pics at the temple on sunday but my camera wont hook up to the comp so i will get them developed and send to mom and dad. mom and dad-bryant came to visit a few weeks ago, said you weren't home and he wants to talk to you.. a little weird but whatever. i gave him your numbers so he might call. yesterday i went to the ortho it was way high class with playstains and massage chairs and stuff.. i got a new retainer blue with a utah jazz sticker and glitter! way cool! dad i used my visa. i get to leave again tomorrow to pick it up. what is the american idol update? i am teaching a 35 min in english on sunday about the restoration and finding people to teach any ideas? i got a huge blood blister on my toe they said i have to go to an optomidrrist if it isnt gone next monday.. sorry.. its gross. please write i love hearing from you all. sorry i gotta go but i will write as soon as i can. hope all is well. mer send me some office quotes and updates on march madness please. the stanley pretzel day one. ok
hermana meryl call

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


hola.. how is everybody doiing? i have 22 minutes i will have to write quick! i know my emails are unorganzied and random but i will do my best to make sense. mom! i heard you got facebook! that is so wonderful...right after i leave. haha. i told you you should get it! i am proud of you. taylor your emails are way funny. i cannot believe you left me here though you bum. serves you right you have to eat bunnies while i still have ice cream wedesndays. i hope you are proud to know that i havent gotten any runs in my nylons and every other girl i know has. also, i am very good at doing my own laundry. the only things that got dyed so far are some socks and underwear. speaking of which.. mom i need some more of both of those items. i will write you a mail letter later this afternoon with that info. thank you. ok krista anderson sent me the cutest package this week with a skirt and some stuff from mexico.. she is super cute so if you talk to her (she has facebook) tell her how much i love her and the boys. mom i also would like my under armour sweat headband its in my running bag. i'll write that in the letter also. i have been asked what i'd like in a package if i were to get one.. i do not like getting treats as much as you might think. the things i want are the food items as follows:-cafe rio pork salad. with black beans and house dressing. none of that green poo-like stuff i cant remember what its called-those pink and white circus animal cookies that dad says will kill you.. i crave those all the time-some wendys chicken nuggets, the 5 piece with ranch-some propel fitness water. i prefer peach but it is hard to find!!-a starbuck strawberries and cream frappicino. any size-a cheeseburger from 5 guys with mayo ketchup and lettuce. one patty.-some easy mac. with a bowl and a fork -some eclairs. i hope this will help next time you want to send a package. i only have 35 days left in the MTC! yay!!! and this week will be my 1 month day. ah. seems like 1 year but i hear the time goes by faster in the field. i cannot do email at all on thursdays anymore. dont ask questions. no checking it-no wiriting it. sorry. merideth-this girl hermana g PICKS HER HAIR when she is bored.. reminds me of someone i know... it actually drives me insane. whatever happened to the t-mobile cell phones? what numbers are still in use? dad when i write a letter today i will enclose a surprise for you. watch for that later this week! how is my mazda? any updates? so happy to hear about the house and everything in denver! thats exciting. please forward to grandpa norr- i want to tell him thank you for the mission support money! that was really, really nice of him!! are you working on my tape? i am starting to forget what my families voices sound like.. ok not really but i do miss you all so much! the new sisters in my room are wayy fun. i like them a lot. sister herbe from arizona going to san antionio spanish and sister minetto from portland going to new jersey spanish. they are in our zone. i get along really well with sister minetto! its fun having 6 girls in the room. well i have been losing weight in the mtc..unlike the elders. a bunch of my skirts are too big now.. like they are so lose and kind of fall off so dont send any skirts without checking with me for a size firrst! please! i have been running my little legs off but i have another new obsession.. running STAIRS. ah. i love it. i only take naps on sundays or tuesday and have gone a few days without naps in class! but most days i do fall asleep in class. oops. i go to a spanish tutor once a week and thats ok. i have grown to LOVE personal time more than any other time. i have learned so so much from the scritpures the past few days. i usually pick a word that sticks out to me and study that work in the BD or TG or index and while doing that another word sticks out to me, etc. mom i do smile at others and everyone says hi in the their language. ok i dont know where the time went but i gotta go i will write a letter home and have mom and dad share it with you all i love you so os much- next tuesday i will check email all at 4pm. xoxoxoxoxo con amor,hermana meryl call