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Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.

D&C 68:6

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Hi welcome to my blog! I have been called to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and am speaking Spanish here in the Ft . Lauderdale Florida mission. I am currently serving in Hollywood. I am a part of the greatest work of all time.."

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kenya's Baptism

Julio calls us if he doesn't see us everyday.

An OK Week

i'm sorry if i offended anyone by my email last week! that was really weird only getting 8 emails today.. i hope you aren't mad! sorry! my week was okay. we had that zone confernece wednesday and it was the longest day of my mission, but it was very fun.. we rode tri-rail down and had to leave the apt by 6am.i got to see lots of friends and my favorite senior couple the Hogge's and also President Lake and his wife (he is in the mission presidency). i saw i'm in a few of those pics on the blog and i dont know if you can tell or not but i'm wearing jeans.... i haven't worn jeans in over a year now. and those were not mine. Sister Lake let me borrow hers. it was weird being with the elders in normal clothes. the games and activities were really fun. and we had a super good lunch. there is this sickness going around that lots of people are going in the hosptial dehydrated.. but good thing i just got the runs pretty bad but i took some little pills and i'm all better! lately when i meet latins and they ask where i'm from i'm been telling them i'm nicaraguan, and sometimes i tell them colombian. that's where i'd be from if i could choose. so we asked the bishop awhile ago to stop dinners remember? well he said he had to pray about it and hasnt gotten back to us soo thats why he still have dinners and we had 3 again on thursday (two houses had tacos).. i went to my final appointment with dr hartog and he says i'm all better so glad that's all over with. i dont have pain or anything anymore. after i was kind of nervous but i gave him a church invite and a book of mormon pass along card. he told me he has some LDS friends and so i hope he tells them about all this, so they can share the gospel with him too! tomah broke up with us.. he says he wants to study independently, so instead of telling you about him i'll tell you about sean. last week riding bikes he was getting gas and waved at us so we went over to see who he was and he was soo friendly. he is 31 single no kids and really cool and funny. we talked for awhile and exchanged info and he's been texting us a lot. on thursday we were figuring out a time we could meet for friday and the only time that worked for both of us was friday morning, so he wanted to meet at iHop.. i asked him if he had any coupons.. and he wrote back guessing that it was sister call... well we had breakfast (he paid. it is so weird lately all these men keep taking us out to eat) and we gave him a BOM and he was texting us the rest of the weekend asking about church and when it was and where, so he came to sacrament yesterday and that was good, but i think he is more in it for us sisters than he is for Heavenly Father.. he is quite the little flirt so we have to be careful. but he is a good guy and we do want him to learn and progress. things with jordan are going so well. he went to the young single adult branch yesterday and liked it, so that is where we'll have him get baptized. not sure yet if the baptism will be saturday or sunday. but he is really excited and we took him to Kenya's baptism last saturday and he was so excited for his own. we had him in a member's home for dinner one day and that rocked. .i love when we get investigator's in members homes. it is so helpful. i am getting good at goign places without my GPS now. . and usually when that happens i get transferred so we'll see what happens in 2 weeks. we have PPIs on Wednesday. kenya is having her baby tomorrow moring, a c section. her baptism was great. i love her a lot!! at the relief society activity it was called rekindling your love for the Book of Mormon and i was in charge of the fire in the firepit.. dad you would have been so proud. i did good at it. but it was awkward when i had to get up in the middle of testimony meeting and go to the wood pile and add more wood to the fire in the middle of the circle. i felt just like dad must feel when he has to do that at girls camp. on saturday we went to see our boys at the ALF (assisted living facility) that we visit every saturday and we were talking to this man jon who always tells us that he is lonely and depressed..sometime while we were there we had to explain how we dont date while on missions and also we told him we dont have much money. at the end of the night after pondering for awhile jon said "i feel like a missionary. i have no money and no women"...maybe its not that funny to you but it was hilaruious to me. and the last story for the week happened yesterday after church, we were pulling out of the parking lot and got out to talk to a young guy who was walking down the road. his name is santos. he's from guatemala and has lived here for almost 2 years and speaks noo english. oh,. and he's 18 years old. he and i talked for a bit then he tells me that he is really into american girls.. and he wanted to know if i was married. i said no and he asked if i had a boyfriend.. i said no then explained this no dating rule..well he asked how much longer i'll be a missionary and i said 5 months and he said he can wait 5 months ahhahhaha it was like the funniest thing, we just got his info to give to the spanish elders and left. anyways.. things are just moving along here in homestead. hope you are all good and happy and healthy! take care. love you.
hermana call

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Exchanges

Valentines Day

Hey Everyone

hey everyone. how yall doin. there has been a lot going on... oh where do i start.. first sorry to those who i didnt reply individual today, its hard to read 26 emails in an hour and try to reply to all those, write president, and you guys! ah! i wrote pres a few quick stories so catch them from his emial. well we had that guy nino who we were teaching ya know, well he confessed his deep love for us so we are no longer teaching him. i believe it was my wise grandma elaine who told me that there would be boys who would come to church for all the wrong reasons. it made me really sad that we cant teach nino anymore because he was really cool. new beginninngs went well and i recorded it so one day you can all hear! we met this cute man julio who holds a sign on a street we ride our bikes on daily, so we see him every day and he calls when he doesnt see us. he is from peru and mostly speaks spanish. he took us to lunch one day this week and then another day got us necklaces.. he is awesome and the elders are teaching him now. we see him reading his el libro de mormon on the side of the road and i LOVE that!! the brady's helped jordan get to church sunday soo we had him there! it was great! (except we had an awful sacrament meeting. man some of our ward members give weird talks). so his date is still on for feb 27. yay! he really wants his mom and sis to get baptized but since they haven't come to church or been taught much, they'll have to wait i guess. i have been having crazy dreams lately.. super crazy.. and i have been waking up so tired because my mind is so active even in the night. we also have spent lots of time biking and i run every morning. .so i feel like i'm slowly dying or something cause i never have energy. stephanie couldnt take the stuff to salt lake this week she had no room but it was nothing too important so i will hang on to it for now. the sad things i've seen lately is everywhere... we are finding our pass along cards on the ground. thats not where they belong. so sad. i have met some really cool poeple from india and persia and trinidad this week! i found that if i use my gps and have it prepare a bike route, i write it on a sticky note and put it on my handlebars and we never get lost. brilliant, right? i have gotten to use so much spanish and contact so many latins lately! and i have gotten a few compliments on my spanish..i had probably the best valentines of my life and THANK YOU for all the stuff, and mom the elders thank you too cause i gave away most those treats and cookies.. dont be mad! but i kept the sweater and lllooovve it. i learned yest at a mexican's house how to make GOOD gwacamole and i cant wait to make it for you guys one day! okay also we started taaching this COOL kid Tomah. updates on his next week i hope but pray for him and jordan.. love you guys... thanks for all your love too
hermana call

Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm One!

At the Horse Store

How's Life

hey everyone hows life in the 801..(and whatever taylors area code is) hey there is this girl coming not this weekend next and i am sending some stuff with her so i'll get you her number next week. this week was hard, but i made it and i know it was because i felt your prayers in my life. of course this isn't easy but it is possible and i know i can do it because i have your help and support and prayers. thank you. our invest jordan is doing really well, he didnt come to church yesterday so that pushes back his bapt date since they have to come twice before baptism but i am sure feb 27, he will be ready. he says incredible prayers and always keeps his commitments (except coming to church!) we also have this other new invest Nino. he is 33 and pretty cool...but we aren't sure if he is more interested in Christ or in us.. so we'll see, he offered us beer last time we went over, it was the first time on my mission (and maybe in my life) that anyone has every seriously offered me beer! Nino's friend daniel the past 2 times has given us besitos and hugs.. and that is so awkward.. and now that its happened twice its gonna be more awkward to tell him no the 3 time but oh well. we have to. when a guy gets that close to me i stop breathing and cant breathe normal for like 5 minutes after. and they always want to hold hands when we pray and i hate holding hands with guys... aagh. we;'ve gotten into nasty mosquito season and i'm being eaten alive ..i wake up numerous times in the night itching all over.. and its hard to focus during lessons when all i want to do is put on cortozone cream.. but i'll be okay and got some bug spray today so i'll live. on feb 2 it was 14 yrs since my baptism and i think how special that day was to me.. its wasnt as special to me at the time as it is now.. but i love thinking about it. i've loved reading in alma 12 this week where they are talking about being foreordained.. and we were all chosen before this life to do something. i love knowing that i knew i would serve a mission ..that i knew that before i even came to earth! how cool. little owen.. thank you for calling me when i was at sister boix's house the other night.. that was really special that you knew i was there. we had 3 DA on wednesday cause there was a mix up on the calendar ahh i think i gained 10 pounds this week. sister eland admits that she doesnt like riding bike, but we have to cause we only get 700 miles a month on our car and our area is huge, plus it takes 25 miles round trip from churhc. I LOVED MY CALENDAR. thank you soooo much. it didnt make me homesick, just made me laugh a lot. i can't beleive i'm one! i'm such a big girl. i remember the past year so well. the preach my gospel training we had was super good nad learned how important prayer is, that the head of the household needs to kneel and offere the closing prayer(yes the investigator) . i am happy i have written in my jouirnal every day of my mission and that i can remember things so well because of it. i went on my first date from a latin this week..his name is jaison.. he's from cuba and he was riding his bike and so were we. he didn't speak a word of english. he asked if he could take us to lunch so we all rode to a nearby mall and he bought us lunch and after made us flowers out of napkins. hahaha. an elder in our ward, elder cook, got in a bad bike accident saturday night when he ran his bike into a bus sign. how fortunate that it was right in front of the hospital, so they locked up their bikes and he went in the ER. he has a dislocated shoulder and spent hours in the ER.. but he somehow made it to church on sunday. i cant wait for a normal sunday..they are the most stressful day of the week for me. we had 2 invest at church, this walk in named peter whose gf is a member and he is dying to get baptized. also this guy we met earlier this week named mark. so it was cool to have invest there! elders cook and nutt are teaching this girl named kenya,. shes getting baptized the 20th and is sooo cute like 24 and she's due with a boy in 3 weeks. its her first child. i am so excited. she wants us to come right after he is born. tomorrow i am speaking at new beginnings because i love the young women so much and everyone knows it. i'm excited for this new week and love you all and hope you all have a good week too
hermana call

Monday, February 1, 2010

An Okay Week

hey guys, how is everyone? it's been an okay week.. but it's been one of those weeks where i just wonder "who signed me up for this?" and when i remember that i did... i say a little prayer and stop feeling bad for myself and try to focus on all the never-ending work we have to do. the Lord has blessed us with incredible people to teach this week. We met an 18 year old Jordan who is incredible.. we got to teach him fri and sat, and set him with a bap date of feb 20. he wants his family to learn too. i hope he can keep progressing. the first time we met him he said the closing prayer and he said "i want to be baptized..." please pray for him, that he wil continue to progress and gain his own testimony and keep his commitments. a few times this week our potentials and other people we'd taught before have told us not to come back, so we are still in the finding mode. sister eland got her bike this week and it took us an hour to ride 1 mile, me teach her how to lock the bikes up, and then to ride 1 mile. ha. i am becoming the most patient person ever. or at least i'm trying. addys (the recent convert in the spanish ward) came out on exchanges twice and i think she is super cute and i love her a lot. i'm so grateful to the elders for letting us borrow her. i took her to a house of a man who we'd never met, but i found his teaching record from 2005 and wanted to meet him. so we went, and she told me she wasnt going to say anything cause she was scared and it was her first time. i told her thats ok, but as we went and sat down she all the sudden started sharing her conversion story, and all about her decision to be baptized (only her and her grandma got baptized. her parents dont like the church, or allow the missionaries in thier home). i was so proud of her and so was this man, reynold. (who is 80 from hati) even he was so impressed.. but on thursday we had this other exchange with us and the investigator was so mean to her that our exchange started crying and it was soo sad. We had stake conference yesterday and it was a broadcast from salt lake to 47 stakes in florida, georgia, and south carolina. it was really good and came at a time I needed it. Well, have a good week and keep doing all you know you should.
Love you all
Hermana Call