Mission Scripture

Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.

D&C 68:6

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Hi welcome to my blog! I have been called to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and am speaking Spanish here in the Ft . Lauderdale Florida mission. I am currently serving in Hollywood. I am a part of the greatest work of all time.."

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Lonely Call Kid

hello dear loved ones. how is everyone. i am sure you have been checking your email all day long waiting to hear from me and i apologize for waiting until now.. i just got a few DE letters thank you to owen especially for the love note today. also, congratulations to grandma elaine who sent me one.. at least i think it was to me. it was adressed to elder meryl call? good job merideth for teaching g-ma how to use that tricky site. are yall going to use it to send letters to tay in ohio or will you start sending hand letters? first things first. how is the house in denver? is dad still going over there every week? has anything happened to my pretty baby mazda in the driveway? we need to get her on the market. it always happens that i tell someone i didnt get the DE letter then i usually get it the next day. so if you think i haven't gotten them guess what, i really have. we do not get mail on saturday nights, sundays, or holidays and on tuesdays i usually dont get any mail until about 9pm. soo that is why last week i thought you'd all forgotten about me over the holiday weekend. does that make sense? welll i'm a lonely Call kid at the MTC jail cell now. i cant believe taylor left already! that is so not fair. i got to say bye to him on sunday night-i was writing him a little love note and they called me on the MTC loudspeaker down to the main office where my cute little brother was waiting for me.. we took some pictures by the map and some statutes but my camera battery died so tay has them all on his camera. ok he has seriously taken like a million pictures already. he's gonna need to put them on a cd or get another memory card or something. i cried and cried and he's like whats wrong budddy.. you know how he does that. anyways i am sad when i go into eat cause i used to go over to his district and he'd tell me what i should have cause he'd already eaten and he knows what i would and wouldn't like. so the past 2 days i've had strictly marshmellow mateys beacuse i dont know what else is safe.. did he call you at the airport? tell me about it! i am wanting to read the miracle of forgiveness, can someone on rustler road send it to me next time you send a package. no hurry though. tay gave me the alarm clock so i'm good there. thank you for the yummy choclate tootsies both mom and merideth, my stomach and taste buds also tahnk you. nin and marci- you both sent me the same talk so i have a feeling it must be a good one.. i read it when i have free time and when i stay awake during personal study time. thank you! so i might be a new era model? way sweet. when are they gonna develop the pics? i want them! dont forget to send our voice tape back! my friend danny is going to texas houston south spanish (the 3 girls i live with are going to houston south). i forgot his companions name. we have 2 new girls moving in our room tomorrow...that should be interesting. 6 girls to 3 mirrors. my comp and sis g already get up around 5 to get ready and take until 6:57 when we walk out the door to 7am class. once again, i am soo glad i dont wear makeup. sorry dad. maybe one day. oh dad, i have no idea where that called to serve cd is. maybe you found it already? if not ask owen. he is the one that plays with those CDs all the time. it was really nice and sunny today! i hope the snow melts so we can go outside for gym time. i am getting sick of that tiny track. i made a running log i am obsessed with it now.. my comp better like to run in FL. how is work for everyone? do i have everyone's email on this list correct or does mom and dad want this sent to work email addresses? last tuesday at the deviotnal i sang in the MTC choir and guess who spoke. russell M Ballard. it was super good! i like him a lot. mom-i will send bryant's address home asap..i have it in my desk at my dorm. and i wrote the parberry thank you card i will send that too. AND there will be a surprise for dad in there. ok so P day is a rip off. its not really p-DAY, its like p-6 hours. all we do is laundry eat breakfast go to the temple write a few letters and then its time for dinner. and even in the field its not a full day. you have to go tract at like 6pm. great. i never knew that. they tricked me and i'm not sure how i feel about that. marci-there is a sister here from idaho falls her name is sister c. i think her name is ashley she is going to guatemala and she has been here like 18 weeks... she got here like nov 3 do you know her? she has been here so long cause she got pnomnia. or whatever thats called. i am out of time but hopefully next week i can share more experiences or something with you. i love you all and hope things are going well at home. big hugs and kisses. i miss each one of you.
hermana meryl call

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Never Enough Time

hey mom i got your DE thanks... i do not need you to send shoe polish i dont think. they have it in the bookstore and we get 40% off there so i should get it for a good price and i'll make sure i get the right colors. thanks! i sent a package home the other day hope you got it..i think you maybe should've today or tomorrow. taylor is doing ok i think he is nervous cause he is starting to be a little mean to me..but clingey at the same time. its weird. but i saw him in the RC yesterday and got to listen to him take a few calls. he was so good and i am very proud of him! sorry i never get to write long emails i just never have enough time in a day. things are going a little better. my friend danny from california that was my FHE brother at byu-idaho got here yesterday. he is companion's with one of taylor's friends from skyline. hope your excersizes are going well i will write a longer letter this weekend hopefully xoxoxoxoxoxo time a bajillion hermana meryl

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Keeping Busy

i only have 23 minutes left man this thing gives me anxiety. spanish sucks. i am having a hard time still but its only been 2 weeks and i know it'll get better. i am the furthest behind in my class but it'll be ok. i LOVE gym time the track is 10 laps=1 mile and i lose count but thanks to Nin i have this sweet watch that tracks my miles and i usually run 4-5 miles a day. at the end of last week some elders in my zone got the flu..one was in the hosptial and the rest were in quarintine. some got sent home and one is still there. sad huh! but i am staying healthy. i still have had a nap every day..maybe by week 3 i'll be out of my nap phase. once a week we go to this place called the TRC (training resource center) i think and volunteers come in. we teach them 15 minutes in spanish then we do a 35 minute lesson of the first discussion. they are super nice but its scary cause they ask lots of questions and i hate when they talk in spanish and i dont know what they are saying. on satuday we go to this place called the RC (referral center) i think tay told you about it. we talk to poeple who see the commercial or want to call and ask questions. i did a few calls and talked to a guy who said the missionaries can come next satuday! i sent a thing to the missionaries in his area :) on sunday we had to meet with the branch pres and during my interview he said the elders in my district had contacted him earlier that week cause they were concerned about me so i told him what had been going on then i got this big lecture cause my compainion- who is a HUGE flirt- was getting complaints so i need to keep an eye on her. she has been crying everyday since because we got our seats moved because i swear she has a crush on one of the elders. ew. i am super mad its snowing still... on 7 weeks til i get to be in the nice summer florida heat. i am so jealous taylor leaves next week!! i will cry when he leaves. thank you everyone for the cute valentines things that was so so nice of you all. i had a wonderful day beacuse of all the nice things i got! i hope you all had a nice day as well. mom and dad- how is your book of mormon reading going? where are you at? i am sad i haven't heard from dad yet... tay said he got a letter .. where is mine?! how's the house in denver.. and how is my pretty mazda? merideth, how is your new little diet working out? getting any better? i loooved the family valentine that was super fun to get!! you did a nice job writing it parents. mom-how is physical therapy going?? i am finishing a tape for you mom and dad i will probably mail it tomorrow.. there will be a few other things in there i will put a note in to explain them. a cute lady at the temple this morning asked me if i wanted a hug from my mom and i said yes so she hugged me.. she was very sweet and it made me miss getting hugs from my sweet family! i love you all so much and hope things are well at home. love you all so so so so so so so so so much. please respond on dear elder.. its so much easier. i might write again thursday- i figured out my email works 2 days a week. big hugs and kisses to each of you!!!!!
hermana meryl call

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hola Familia

hello dear family! thank you so much for all the wonderful letters i recieved this week! i miss you all so so much. i am not sure what e-mail addresses you want me to use so i will send them to the ones i know for now and please let me know what ones to send it to next time. i have almost completed a full week as a sister missionary and let me just tell you IT WAS THE LONGEST WEEK OF MY LIFE!!! it felt like a month long. it has been super fun but even super harder. ok this timer thing is going to make me go crazy so i'm getting off and thinking about what i want to type. i will organize my thoughts and write again in a few hours. thank you very much i love you all
hermana call


i am going to ignore the bright red countdown timer at the top of my screen and try to make as much sense as possible in 23 minutes. mom-thank you so so much for the letter you left in my suitcase! that was really a neat surprise. taylor and i talked the next morn at breakfast how fun that was. marci-thank you for the talk you sent! i can only get the rest if i pay 7 cents a page so will you dear elder (DE) me the rest of it? it ended at the scripture of hebrews 10:35. thanks!! marci/merideth, thanks for keeping up on my facebook.. i have gotten letters from people saying they got my address from FB so thank you! i still feel somewhat apart of the real world now. Landon-thanks for the note on DE, i know you are super busy and that was nice of you to think of me. Mom- i can't believe your ear is all better!!? thats so great! be sure to still use q-tips.. how is your back feeling? do you still sleep in taylor's room? how is work? thanks for telling me about ward conferece. dad- you are the only one who hasn't written me on DE...i'm going to pretend like i'm not mad.. ha ok i'm really not mad cause i know you have a lot going on. how is denver?? what's the update on the house? have you had a chance to put my car online yet? sorry i didnt have a chance to do that before i left. you are supposed to tell me about a baptism in the ward this past weekend? who is it? i went to go get pics developed and there was a super long line. i'll do it later, but they wont be available til friday so expect some pictures in the mail early next week. will you please send me some postcard stamps? they dont sell those here. also will you send a family pic from the MTC? the one on taylors camera isnt very good. i promise i'm writing in my journal every night but its usually not even a page cause i'm always always late going to bed! and i'm very tired here at nights. mom that umbrella you gave me, i used it when we were walking to the temple today and it broke!! ghetto. if you want send the purple one in the trunk of my car. thanks! Happy Valentines to everyone on saturday... i hope they dye the milk and the rice pink. I reallly like getting the letters on DE- especially cause its free and i wont have to use my email time reading letters. so keep sending letters that way please! i see taylor a lot, not as much as i saw him last week. cause we were doing all this new missionary stuff last week but i've seen him a few times this week.. like once or twice a day. and whenever i see him he is soooo nice to me. like unbelieveably. dont tell him i said that. he'd be embarassed. but its fun to see him. they dont let me hug him but i give him arm pats and i think he likes that. he seems to be really happy and doing so well! his comp is a cutie. i have like 6 friends in the mtc that i knew before and i feel so cool when i get to say hi to them.. i already say most of my prayers in spanish and can bear some of my testimony in spanish. we learn so much everyday it just blows my mind. everyone in the class knows so much spanish already i feel so behind but i know it'll get better. my teachers are really nice and never get mad when i ask dumb questions. there are 5 elders in my district and 4 sisters including me. 1 elder and 3 sisters are going to houston south and me and 4 boys going to FL. yesterday we taught the first discussion memorized and it was scary but went well. they make us memorize so much. i am sending home some thank you cards i need you to mail to people i dont have the addresses please. sunday we had our sacrament almost all in spanish and i didnt understand most of it but oh well. then in this meeting in front of 300 sisters i had to pray but i did it in english thank goodness. my compainon and i get along most the time but she gets on my nerves occasionally.. she gets hyper alot.. i LOVE gym time here. we go 5 days a week and i run on the track the whole time. 10 times around=1 mile and the other day i ran 4.5 miles. a typical day here: up at 6:28 get ready. spanish 7-7:45 then breakfast. spanish for like 4 hours then lunch. person study 1 hour, companion study 1 hour, lannguage study on our own 1 hour. i am doign a tutor twice a week starting next week. ok then usually gym or dinner and another 4 hour class. thats all we do everyday is eat, class, gym. thats my life for the next 8 weeks. i'll be sad when tay leaves here! send this email to whatever family, sorry i dont have time to send personalized ones. i love you all so so much????? those are exclaimation marks but my computer just broke. i will write as much as i can. hope all is well. i think about you all the time and i pray for you= and i know you are praying for me and i thank you for that? ??
hermana meryl call