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Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.

D&C 68:6

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Hi welcome to my blog! I have been called to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and am speaking Spanish here in the Ft . Lauderdale Florida mission. I am currently serving in Hollywood. I am a part of the greatest work of all time.."

Monday, April 26, 2010

Today's Weather in Homestead

With the Letteriello's

Day of Service 2010

Between Projects 2 & 3 at Day of Service

People were Shopping for Trash

My Nice Tanline

After a Long Ride

How's Everyone

hey fam how's everyone? i got so many nice lovely emails today- A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO WROTE! i was needing some love. you guys rock. my random business: i think there are some U of U orientations i need to be signed up for, can you check out the website for me? also i may make a charge on my visa today, we are going shopping and i need to buy a jacket for church. did the old one from publix get cleared after that return? there is this hurricane outside and you'll never believe how much water is flooding this town.. everyone's been talking about hurricane andrew again and its a little scary! after grocery shopping i went to get the car while sis crane waited that i had to walk in water so deep that it was touching the bottom of my skirt and almost up to my knees. in a parking lot. wow. well rickie left to NY early so we passed his info and i know the missionaries will get to teach him up there! we got the address to the mission office up there and sent the teaching record so missionaries can pick up right where we left off. our church is so cool! one day this week we went out finding, and rode from our southern boarder (SW 248) up to our northern boarder (SW 152) it was so long but great and i love biking... maybe even more than i love running.. but its a close tie. okay i keep thinking about this although you'll think its sick but the other day at this part memebers house their little girl rachel who is 3 was laughing soo hard that she threw up but the dad (who is the Non mem) caught it in his hands EW gross. but kind of funny. i wish i had more time to tell you about a young man named joshua we met, who believes that he goes into heaven daily and then wanted to pray with us on the side of US1. we held hands and as he prayed he asked God to send down fire angels upon us, and then he proceeded to tell us we would start to feel our hands burning and then our head to our toes. well i think sister crane is still mad at me for playing along and telling him one of my hands was starting to burn.. and that i'd never felt anything like it before.. but then i couldn't control myself any more and started laughing it was the weirdest thing of my life. something happened i've been trying to make happen for months. the zayas family (omar, michelle, julian, and aalieah) well they live 2 blocks from bishop. but Bishop Quiros' family is always sooooo busy so they'll never do an FHE with us. but we made it happen, Quiros invited them over for dinner and it was great and we left a litle later than we should've cause they wouldn't stop talking but then later found out bishop kept them there til midnight, ya bishop is quite the talker.. and he's cuban. anyways. that was great! so omar and julian came to church yetserday, michelle is still being stubborn but tomorrow night we are ging to extend the date of may 22 to their fam and hope that omar will be worthy to baptize them! we are going to lunch after this with a guy who works on our bikes.. he is 50 but acts like he's 20.. and that should be fun. he said he'll get baptized if we tell him too. i wish it was that easy, haha. saturday was the annual day of service. it was AWESOME but we were exhausted cause we somehow got stuck there from 7:30-5:30 and worked soo much. sis crane and i did 3 projects. first with our ward, picked up trash along a busy road. second helped with this house picking up extra stuff and putting it in these bags for it to get taken away. you'll never believe how much STUFF they had. third we helped build a garden. got some sun that day. i met a cool latin Pedro and am excited for missionaries up north to teach him. we met so many cool people that day! ok so pray for aida, julian, michelle, and kedesha. kedesha came to church yest w her 10 yr old daughter (she is 28) and her little bro. it was so nice to have 3 investigators there! (julian, kedesha and her daughter kimani) well i love you all and hope you have a great week! xoxoxoxoxo
hermana call

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


hola mi familia...como estan.. estoy bien! i am going to make this email more focused on miracles and spirtual stuff. but first i want to say that i saw a possum the other day, it walked in front of me on my run and i thought it was an ugly cat at first. apparently there are possums everywhere down here. we were asked to study ether 1-3 for a district training last week (elder wilcox is our district leader. he rocks.) and i decided that more than anything now i want to be like the Bro of J and see the Savior. I've got a ways to go before I have that much faith.. but I'm gonna try! also i was able to make my own Title of Liberty this week, and pondered on what is most important to me and what I stand for, why I'm here, etc.. it was super cool! Ida (who i cant remember if i told you is a member referral from miami 4, oh and her name is really spelled Aida) came to church sunday and broght her 2 grandsons, ages 7 and 9. She has custody of the 7 yr old. It was like geez finally someone came and it was so great we got to set Aida with a baptismal date of May 15!!! We have had some excellent relief society fellowship with her, so it was great when she came to church she already knew people! in case i didnt tell you yet, i am staying in homestead yet another transfer. weird. but its ok because members and i have really bonded and they know all my favorite things and they always make me things that they know are my favorite now! and i love it! Rhshonda has been hard to contact and may be ignoring us sometimes, the only time we saw her was when we stopped by without calling first. lessons go really well when we are there but then she never comes to church. not sure what will happen with her. jordan collie has kind of been a bum lately and hasn't been to church since he was confirmed.. which makes me so sad.. but at least some thing good is happening. one time when i was there with sister eland his friend jordan nunez was there. and the elders have been teaching jordan nunez and he's been to church twice and will be baptized in may. so thats cool! hopefully the jordan's will help each other out! which reminds me. the homstead south elders have baptisms every week in may. they have 9 people set with dates! but now elder cook (who has been here since begin of nov) is getting transferred and i am kind of nervous to have him leave cause he's rocked this area. we have been teaching members about alma 32 and having a particle of faith- how much faith do you have?? i got to watch the DVD "On the Lord's Errand" this week for the first time. I heard parts of it from when I worked at Des Book and it was on but never saw it.. i absolutely totally looove it and have a new life goal (besides doing an IronMan) i want to shake the prophet's hand. anyone that can help me with that, I'd appriciate it. i am totally in love with americanized latins.. and want to help baptize an english latin family. i just need to find them first. i have been getting eaten up lately and for a few days thought i had the chicken pox cause i hardly ever see anything bite me. but sis welch has been taking care of me and i got this ointment and i'm doing better! ok i had so many awkward moments last week (ok sorry i'm failing so far at the whole staying spiritual part of the email) but it is soo awkward when men try to give besitos (especially in front of members) like they are coming at you and i just stare and move backwards uhh then tell them no and its so awekward also there are just some people i know i should talk to but because of situations i'm in or whatever, it is so awkward and i just have to hurry and approach them and not worry about whats going to come out of my mouth.. worrying takes too much time and i could lose the opportunity.. so i just do it and its scary but oh well! it always works out just fine :) the only words i have to discrible those situations is that i love them and i hate them at the very same time. an investigator ricky asked us if he could get baptized! so let me tell you about him real quick. but first please pray for rhshonda, julian, michelle, aida, bernard, kedesha, mark, and ricky. ok so we met ricky last week when we were riding bikes. we got to teach him twice, and he understood the need to be baptized again. he told us he'd get a ride to church, but we couldn't contact him so stopped by sun morning on our way down to meetings. he told us he couldn't go to cuhrch, but was so impressed about what we'd taught him about the 3 kingdoms (nobody knows there is more than just heaven and hell) and he said he knew it was true and wants to get baptized when we comes to church the next sunday (he had someting else inportant going on that day). we told him he has to come to church twice and we have to teach him commandemnts, for ex the WOW. he told us he smokes. (so pray that he'll stop!!!!) well ricky is moving to new york on may 3 so we want him to get baptized evening of may 2, or else he can do it when he meets missionaries in NY. we are meeting with him tonight! when we report on investigators in our meetings we are supposed to tell bishop the investigators first and last name (he is obessed with us knowing the last name) and well we dont know ricky's ! kedesha is going to get baptized in may, but she is praying about which date Heavenly Father wants her to get baptized. Hopefully she chooses the first satuday and not the last! yesterday we spent 3 hours tracting and only met 1 potential 20 yr old girl, but she's cool her name is apprilli and we are meeting with her saturday. 3 hrs straight of knocking doors is a long time! but we finished the whole neighborhood!! on sunday the man who gave the opening prayer in sacramnet meeting prayed for the missionaries and he also prayed for our families, and that made me a little teary eyed! i am not used to hearing other people pray for YOU but he did.. i know that as the promise in D&C says... "your family shall live"
hope you are all doing well and know how much i love you and appriciate you!!
hermana call

Monday, April 12, 2010

A New Hairstyle

Hermanas Call and Brown

Bullet Hole

It's Rainy Here

hey everyone, hope yall are having a good week, its rainy here and i wish we would've waited to wash the car.. we should make that a p-day afternoon chore i've decided. well i got to talk on the phone to president hale this week (our PPIs were over the phone. weird.) and he told me a couple things. he said those coming to FL will get a special dinner with me and the Hale's in the mission home that night.. so look forward to that, sister hale's cooking is delicish. he also said he'd been in key west and thought of me when he was there (i used to always tell him i wanted to serve in key west) and he said he'll be looking for a new place for the missionaries in case they put sisters there (they used to have sisters there like 10 years ago) and he said it may or may not happen while i am here. well either way that's cool but i told him its ok because i still get to go there when i am a missionary! and thats a dream come true! he said i am going to do my temple trip on june 2 with 3 departing elders, because thats too much hassle for me to go up alone in july. so i want to take a family name when i go in june so if someone could send me one i'd like that a lot! i liked seeing elder wickman in the ensign this month, too bad i'm not going to read his articles cause i dont want to think about marriage right now!! i had to drop reggie..over text.. beacuse he wouldn't ever answer his phone, only text, soo dumb i felt like i was in high school breaking up with my boyfriend or something. i had my 1 year in FL mark so i'm officially a FL resident now! right? we got chased by dogs this week, 2 days in a row while riding bike. the first one i got away from but the second one was fast so i peddled but he caught up so i put my feet up as high as i could and eventually he lost interest and left. this man told me that "i am a hardcore athiest. but if i would join a religion, i'd be mormon." but he wouldn't take the card. i'm loving homestead a lot and some of my best friends and close associates are here.. please pray for rhshonda (we have to push her bap date back, she didnt come to church! lame.) julian, michelle, Ida, maggie, bernard, and kedesha. we've met some hatian peopel lately and i sure wish i could've learned a little more creole when i was in boynton with the creole missionaries. i want to talk to everyone. i love the people, i love this gospel, and i love you all... sorry its a little shorter this week. take care
love, sister call

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Happy Meal

hi cuties how's everything? prayer list:bernard, juan, rhshonda, julian, michelle, marcial, kedesha, antonio, ida, maggie, and david. thanks! this is going to be random cuase i gotta type quick! a recent convert who got baptized a year ago still calls it the book of morons.. please make an appointment for my check up in july with dr. jay liddell, have it be with him and not the hygenist please! and also one for the ortho. the hales oldest daughter got engaged on thurs night, and is getting married in utah but president cant even go! sad! then their son tanner got his mission call to el salvador the next day and they are both flying out of florida next month! he goes in the mtc a month after getting his call.. they have lots going on. i guess they should be on the prayer list too! ok ok i had a cool revelation and i will be going to the U this fall, i know there are some orientations i'll need to register for so will you keep an eye on that also? and i need some scholarships! i'll figure that out later though..we met a really cool lady named anna from belize this week she is 81.. and we also taught an 80 year old antonio who used to be a pastor ( but he went to priesthood with our bishop and came to yesterday morning too!) but like NO ONE comes to the church, like the missionaries and 10 other people max. weird. read in my email to Pres about my biggest accomplishment this week! something nice that we did was when we were riding our bikes down US-1 and there was a tree in the middle of the road must've fallen out of a truck, cars were swirving and almost 10 accidents. so we decided to play superman and save lives.. so when no traffic came we ran and each grabbed the truck of it and dragged it to the sidewalk. little did we know like 10 people were watching and like this guy comes over to us and is like "are you the latter-day saints?" man it was great. i loved the talks on service and that people know members of our church because of service! i got a dumb april fools joke by elders wilcox and wright when they told us that cuba had a fall in the government and us leaders were taking over... of course we beleived it and got so happy.. rude. at this complex the other day i saw this cop running up stairs carrying a gun that was almost as big as me, but its ok they left a second later. this lady the other day like tried to quarrel with me and i just bore my testimony and tried to leave but she was like yelling at me and finally threw the pass along card back at me and told me i needed it more than she did! some people are so mean! we saw her later but crossed the street... we taught this nice homeless man richard and he said a really really long prayer at the end where he prayed for everyone, including mine and sister crane's future husbands. i told this black guy bernard we are teaching that he forgot to cut the tag off his shirt! it was sticking out! he told me "it was part of it" and quickly changed the subject. addys (my little sister) glared at me and when he stepped out of the room she said never do that again. i learned that people do that to show the brand and the price they paid for their outfit... some peopel are wearing clothes inside out just so others can see the tag and brand.. ohhh broothherr.. then i asked rhshonda if her hair was real and again addys told me later never ask a black girl that cause black girls always have fake hair and so if they have long hair, its fake cause their hair dont grow fast. wow. the things i never knew growing up in utah. well rhshonda accepted a baptism date of april 24 yay!! so great! she understands why she needs to be baptized again. and for that i just want to squeeze her. i got 2 million new bug bites and the welch's came so they sprayed my bed for bugs and spiders cause they arent mosquito bites and are all over my body. like chicken pox! this cute old man neighbor we have named hector, he's like 80 and latin, well a few days ago he came up and was talkign to me and was about to leave and she "te quiero" and then he gave me a besito (EW I HATE WHEN GUYS DO THAT AND I'M IN A SITUATION WHERE I CANT STOP THEM) and then he looked at me and said "no, te amo" it was sooooo gross i cant tell you how bad i almost threw up and wow it was sick. i've been told this week that i am a happy meal.. because i'm always a surprise and you never know what you are going to get from me.. i guess thats a compliment? there is a 4 year old who knows how to do the dance "the jerk" and the woo-tang.. he's sooo cute.. and i hope that owen will learn that dance by the next time i see him. i loved elder ballard's talk and so many others, confernece was so good and i cant beleive how funny some of them were. i loved my easter basket, thank you thank you!!!!!! it was probably my 1st time stayign awake all 4 general conferences, i think i got one up on dad.. we had dinner at the antonacci's, our ward mission leader. they made yummy lasange.. what was very surprising to me was that like 1 family had the easter bunny come here, if kids were too little the parents didnt go it. and even for families who had older kids, they said it was too expensive, and nobody dyed eggs cause they are too expensive. our family is so blessed! i'm lucky to have had my 2 easters and 2 general conferences in florida. i pray for you all every single day and love you soooo much! tenga un buen semana
sister call