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Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.

D&C 68:6

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Hi welcome to my blog! I have been called to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and am speaking Spanish here in the Ft . Lauderdale Florida mission. I am currently serving in Hollywood. I am a part of the greatest work of all time.."

Monday, July 20, 2009


hey fam, how are you all doing? just had a good week, hope you all did as well. love the emails, thanks for sending and keeping me updated :) i am prob moving this week or next but because i dont know for sure just send all mail to the mish office...but of course dont feel obligated to send mail thats not why i am saying this haha sorry. i got to see my hermana keller. it was so so good to see her and i was so happy. i miss hollywood but i am really liking miami lakes! we have 2 invest marianela and lazaro they have this mini chewawa picky that i looovee well their baby is always sick so they told us they can never have us come over but the elders gave her a blessing this week and she is doing so much better and they promised they'd come to church...then they didnt...ughh i hate how people always do that to us! if they aren't coming they shouldnt tell us they are. lame. whateves. we have the employment senior couple in our building elder and sister hogge., they are SOOO nice and i love them so much. they are like my parents here kind of. they buy us so much stuff it is so nice. ah. i got the postcard from WA thanks for thinking of me! SO BIG NEWS. i found out david archuleta used to be in the hialeah ward (where i started). its true. everyone knows him. can you beleive that. i hope he comes to visit sometime. i have had steak for dinner 3 nights this week. mom, i'm adding that on my no chicken, rice, or beans when i get home list. no steak either. ew. too much. but i ate it ALL! yesterday the elders had a baptism and pres and sis hale came and last minute i had to play piano without my easy book, it was pretty awful and embarassing to say the least. and we had to do the missionary minute while the people were changing and that was soo scary with the hales there. so hma b. apparently isnt home. ok soo something the latin culture always does that hopefully landon never had to experience is breastfeeding-in public- no blanket. ew. i've seen a lot of that lately. we are teaching a girl martha and we were about to drop her when 2 of her friends came in and they were members but less actives! so now we are goign to keep teaching her and her friends will come over so that will be good! we are also teaching margarita she lives in a member's home and she has already been to church a lot before we started teaching her. when we taught her and gave her a BOM she was soo excited she said "for me?!?" and was so happy. next time we went over and she was on lds.org and yesterday at church she ran over and showed me her triplet that she got in orlando (BOM, D yC, pearl..) ok i miss bob's brainfreeze but we have this AMAZING place called Rita's here and everyone goes there... its soo yummy. like italian ice with custurd mmmm i hope we can all go someday. i heard santos is still getting taught but not baptized yet but our family we worked a lot with the garcia's, the mom and dad went to church when i was there on fathers day but last week the parents took the kids so that is really neat! last night we tried teaching this guy renee and he was such a jerk he only believes in the Bible and wouldn't even take the BOM from us. He wouldn't even listen. He definitely wasn't elect. we have a pet in our house it's a gecko and i dont like it much but my comp does..our invest ana looves us and cant wait to get bap next sunday (jorge and henry are also getting bap next sunday-i hope!!) but everytime we go see her ana just wants us to check out the guys she has met from an online dating she is doing..haha what a weirdo. there has been a ton of lightening and thunder storms lately and i'm not sure if there will be a hurricane this year but we have good connections with the weather peolple so i'm not too worried. but i have a hurricane storage and i know what to do in case of one. its nice cause we are given notice if there will be one. i got that jospeh smith prophet movie i think its called praise to the man i got in spanish. we have been watching it with our invest cause they always want to know more about joseph smith, they think the restorateion dvd just doesnt have enough info. mom pres told me that you wrote him this week..do you do that all the time? ha what do you say? this week i learned how to color hair. i did a weave of blode highlights to my comp the night before zone conf i did a good job i'd say.. zone conf was really good it was on how understanding our purpose affects our planning. afterwards we had a steak bbq and played volleyball. the hales and 2 of their kids played too! it was super fun. we did that cause we have doubled baptism numbers from last year and we are on our way to triple them! we also watched that stonecutter movie. it was so good! do we have that at home? they kept mentioning the temple and i just really think we need a temple here, but they cant build one unless the orlando temple gets used more. and lots of members cant afford to go to orlando although they want to go to the temple. uigh. but my dream is that they'll annouce the temple in october conference! mom the pic of you and sister olsons mom was really cute and made me laugh-thanks for sending!! oh did i tell you i now wear mascara on sundays and special occasions only. i think that taylor will be an AP soon. tay, congrats on the baptism!! thats really neat and i'm so happy for you!! it was fun to see your pics. you are wayy tanner than i am. we can listen to disney music on p-days and we listened to the sound of music soundtrack today and i thought of how tay loves musicals. we had dinner at a recent convert herber's and his wife made a YUMMY dinner of lasanga and garlic bread and grape kool-aid..you know thats my favorite meal..ah i was so happy. i'm almost done with 2 nefi now thank goodness!!! i have a goal every morning that we run (when we do go to run) and i did the biggest number of laps i'd done in a long time it was such a good feeling just like the MTC! i'm doing a little better with spanish and understanding more than i can speak but i'm trying every day. cada dia. our invest argentina who is from nigargua she had this dream and is now ready to get baptized. latinos allwayys have dreams that are spiritual its way nuts but kind of cooL! so she is getting bap aug 2!! :) ok this lady in our ward made us this pie at her house the other day it was DISCUSTING it was purple and mushy and had raisens in it and was made from purple corn or something, well this old lady that lives there who is dying she got mad at me for eating slow and told me i need to learn to eat. oops. so i ate faster but felt sooo sick the rest of the day. i told bishop (our bish is this awesome white guy from cali-yes, in a spanish ward. gringo bishop) and he was laughing and his wife said she always gets plates of food at their house so that the lady sees then goes and throws the plate of food away. tell trent thank you so much for the postcard! that was really nice of him to send and meant a lot to me.we got a new ward mission leader yesterday, its a 22 yr old recently RM and he will do such a good job we are really excited!!! dad weren't u the ward mission leader once? his mom hermana morraz gave me like 4 new skirts and a new suit top last night i was so excited they are even my size!! so i have doubled my wardrobe. grandma thanks for the card and money!! ok i just told my comp about my blog and her fam is going on it. ah last week at kmart they didnt ring up something i bought so i went back today to pay for it and they said nobody had ever done that before.. so they gave me a discount! nice huh! ok well i love you all and am sending big hugs and kissies
hermana call

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