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Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.

D&C 68:6

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Miami Lakes Confirmed

well ya you already knew but this is to confirm i am staying in miami lakes. this week was kind of dull but i will start out by sharing an experience from yestetreday. we have this lady rosa who is only availbale on monday mornings, but since mondya is p-day we dont ever have time to teach her. but since it was pros monday we set an appointment and we were teaching her the 1st. her little dog kept sniffing my shoe and i wasnt sure why but halfway through the lesson she got up to get some paper towels because THE DOG PEED ON ME. on my shoe and my fooot and it splashed everywhere EW it was sooo gross. unbelievable. i cant get over it. ok. anyways, we have this sweet old lady in the ward that i love her name is ofelia she is less active cause she is sick sick with cancer and she was in the ER this week a lot i am sad but i saw her last night and she is doing ok. ah one of the elder's converts Nela that i love is getting me some hair growth stuff.. you know i still want long hair so bad. ok i would never tell you this before but i only bought 1 loaf of wal mart bread for this transfer last july 1 and well i just threw the last few pieces away today ahahah i have been eating this bread even though it had mold on it soo yes i am having a healthy mission thats for sure. ok our investigator ana is having a hard time stopping drinking coffee and also she has been treating me nad my comp like we are dumb so we took another old lady rosario over with us and she helped a lot so hopefully ana will start progressing again. argentina had her interview and is all ready to get baptized on sunday :) we are so happy and excited for her. she is an amazing woman! there is a family we eat with every wednesday and they make us such yummy food, mostly paposas and last wednesday i told the mom i need her to cook for you all. so she said when you come to florida she will be ready to cook for you. our zone is trying to get 10 member presents a week and this week we got 6 but hopefully we'll get more this week. we met this man named manuel and its so sad he lives in his car..can you imagine..that is so sad!! we had the funeral for grandma ferias this week and i was the chorister..ha the ward allwayys makes me the chorister. ah yay thank you for the new tee from the reunion i was so happy! i love it!! hahaha Nin-i am sitting next to elder johnson right now he just showed me the email and pic you sent his dad... tomorrow the whole mission gets to go to transfer meeting. its gonna rock. i'm so stoked. but i have to be there at 5:30 cause my comp is goign to the temple tomorrow so i will be with someone else for the day. there is like 16 new missionaries coming in tmorrow. also tomorrow i start driving it will be my first time in 6 months! aghh!! i've never driven in florida either. yikes. ok so this week i ate fish. it was gross but i ate it. i am such a big girl. ahh. ok so did i telll you about the little chiuaua marianela nad lazaro have? well i LOVE it but it sheds a lot. but i loved this puppy SOOO much. well the other day we were over and asked them where it was and they said he died... i almost started crying.. it just got sick the day before and it died.. i was so sad and i still cant beleive picky died.. wahh. marianela knows it is true and she;s told us that and lazaro still cant find a job but we are working soo hard with them and they ALWAYS tell us they'll come to church. but they dont. we are stuck. we made them brownies and they LOOVED them and members call and invite them and we do everything we can but they just wont come to church. what do we do?! i have been showing everyone my cute family -me and tay picture you sent..everyone thinks you are very cute..there is this little boy we eat at his grandma's house every fri for lunch his name is jason and he is maybe 4 well he makes me laugh so much. he thinks he is batman and spiderman and x man..all of them. combined. and whenever we go over i play with him so ya he thinks i'm pretty cool too.. i got to help in primary again yesterday and i love being a missionary in primary cause the kids think you rule the world. i feel like a superstar in there. so there are iganuas that sit on our fence outside the window.. like they are my pets now i love them and i check on them all the time. i need to send pics dangit sorry i always forget my cord. on sat it was retarded we went all over our area and to 9 houses in a row and no one was home or no one wanted to talk to us it was a really hard day. but we got to drive past the dolphins stadium for my first time so that was fun.. mom i saw at walmart they now make chex gluten free. ok on sun this lady made us french fries with peperonis for dinner but they were sick so i put them in my napkin when she wasnt looking and hid htem in my bag to throw away later.. but later i needed to get my BOM out to read a scripture but i couldn't cause the french fries spilled all over. so i told them i forgot my scriptures. ahh it was so awful and embarassing. i finally finished 2 nephi i am so happy and now onto jacob.. yesterday our car was getting worked on and it took like 3 hours we were stuck in pep boys so we walked around and i got some cheap new shoes they are super cute.. ok welllll i better go but i love you all so so much and hope all is happy at home :) take care lovies
hermana meryl call

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