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Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.

D&C 68:6

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Hi welcome to my blog! I have been called to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and am speaking Spanish here in the Ft . Lauderdale Florida mission. I am currently serving in Hollywood. I am a part of the greatest work of all time.."

Monday, September 28, 2009

First Week in Boca Raton

hellloo everyone how are you? as you know i am now in boca raton west in a trio, its pretty fun. sad to leave miami lakes but glad to be here! my last night in ML this boy john carlos (george's bro) gave me some sweet new kicks. i cant wait to send pics. i have so much stuff... mostly a million clothes.. and filled the whole truck with my stuff. oops. ha. at the end of transfer meeting elder stewart (an AP) we all kneeled in circle around the chapel and he gave a MIGHTY prayer for a temple here. we are hoping prayign and did a 24 hour fast yesterday as a mission that on saturday morning they will announce a temple in southern florida. what a blessing it would be for all the people here, and i know so many people would be able to come from cuba and so i ask you to all pray for that mightly this week as well. also out invests john, jose, juile, margo, maree, valerie, chris, nick, glen, and the capaverdes. my address here is
23054 Post Gardens Way #413
Boca Raton, FL 33433
oh i met elder fredrick he was really nice and told me how he knows my family so that was fun. it was sad leaving elder johnson he became such a good friend the past few transfers. we also live with sisters moore and lowe. sister lowe always talks about marci and she remembers everything about our family and everyones names and stuff. she is really cute and a great missionary! i will get a pic with her soon so you can see! i got english name tags from the office and so i wear both eng and spanish now, but i use my spanish a TON in this area. i have met a lot of mexicans and peru. really cool people but also lots of brazil and i dont speak portugese.. supposedly boca is mega rich but its mostly gated so i cant tell . but everyone drives BMW and mercedes! we have like no good progressing investigators and its really hard.. SO opposite the spanish program. dont know how to handle it. we spend 85% of days tracting different ways, but mostly knocking doors and it is not very much fun. so many people are either catholic diehard or jew or athiest. its really sad like people go to extremes to avoid us or reject us, when every latin i met is SO nice. every night sister hale challenged the mission to say one thing we love about our comp(s) and one thing we learned so we do that every night it brings unity and i like it. they said the first night i snored so loud they went in the other room oops.. i sit in the backseat and i always fall asleep in the car. we have a pretty big area and lots of driving. this girl i was her efy counselor last summer andressa, she is in my ward now and she is super super cute. i still always seek out latins so i can use my spanish and the other day i met this lady from el sal and i told her i LOVE pupusas so she said her aunt was making some inside so i went in and i told her i wanted some so well i got us some free dinner but the lady wasnt interested too bad. i have met people from italy lately and france and hati and jamaca, its so cool to meet them. yesterday in sunday school i had to translate for this guy ricardo but i like dont speak spanish that well and it was super hard.. but he felt the spirit and even though he didnt understand it all he liked it and we are going to teach him! being in a trio is fun but hard cause there are so many opinions or not enough and welll it will be an interesting transfer. i will continue teaching spanish if i can get a member in the ward who speaks spanish (there are lots) and take her on an exchange and my other 2 comps will go teach elsewhere. we have a few apts this week and it should be good. i am craving arroz con frijols and all the comida latina... so i am going to learn to cook or something.. ok well i gotta run but hope all is weell for you all. take care and remember to pray for the temple!! have a good week. con amor,
hermana-sister meryl call

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