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Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.

D&C 68:6

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Hi welcome to my blog! I have been called to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and am speaking Spanish here in the Ft . Lauderdale Florida mission. I am currently serving in Hollywood. I am a part of the greatest work of all time.."

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hey Guys!

hey guys, how's everyone? are you freezing? whats the weather like in utah right now? its been so nice and warm here but i hear it is pretty cold everywhere else! it was kind of chilly in the mornings and one morning it was low 80s, this girl was standing outside holding a tax sign you know and she was wearing snow pants and long johns hahaah thats how cold people get here when its below 80! kenya's baby is ok, she had a c-section and he was breathing too fast so they took him to another hosptial right after and she hasn't gotten to hold him yet :( his name is myken, i saw pics of him he is cute! we had such good member help this week especially with meals, and sister brady had her neighbor over and she made me lasange.. man i love her for that. i love their family sooo much. ok that lizard i sent the pic of. get this. it was above my desk so i was put a tupperware up the ceiling and i was trying to slide a plate under so i could put it back outside. but i accidentally cut its tail off and the tail fell in the clear tupperware and was still alive for probably 5 minutes and i just had to stand there holding it while it flopped around EW it was so gross i want to throw up just thinking about it. but well i failed and the tail-less gecko thing squirmed out and escaped and is probably sitting under my bed right now. president told me during my PPI this week that i'm staying, and that i have my roots here. the samways (this brazilian family who makes us the best brazil food everr) also had jordan in their house one night and well, i just want to say if there are ever investigators, its the #1 best thing to have them in peoples houses! so open up your home to them if you know any.. please :) BUT dont make everyone gather in a circle and hold hands saying a prayer together. that is like everyone's thing lately we saw we want to kneel praying and people tell us they want to hold hands in a circle. its so weird! we didnt go to the store last P day so i've been out of milk, but thats ok cause get this. we have been getting DA's like craazy and have so many leftovers in our fridge. so i've been eating things like tortallini, chimichanga, garlic breads, rice and stew and more at 8am haha how does that sound to you? i've decided if i ever buy a bike i need an 18 inch and also one with more gears..but anyways it would be better if i had some hills or something. we met this guy carlos who is 23, we met him saturday and sat night he called and said he'd called his boss to tell him he cant work sundays anymore. then he came to church yesterday at the singles branch and stayed for jordan/s baptism. he sent a text last night that he wants to quit smoking and be baptized! welll i am not starting this til wed or thurs (whever we have our next appotmnt with him) but i am going to give up my treats 100% if he'll give up smoking 100%. so please dont send me or tempt me, i'm goign to stuff my face with candy the next few days, and give the rest of my stash away. i cant ever eat one little piece, otherwise it'll be like saying he could just have 1 cig. anyways, i'll let you know if we make it a deal or not. on sat we met that guy julio. he'd asked us if he could take us to a peru place for dinner. we said ok, and showed up and he was waiting and hops in our backseat and puts on his seatbelt before i could figure out what was going on! so i had to try to tell him no! he got out and said he had no car, only his bike. we had our bikes on the back of our car so we all rode to this restruant.. well on the way a HUGE rainstorm came and we all 3 got SOAKED and there was not one dry spot on my body. wah. then right after dinner we had to ride all wet and cold to an appointment then back to our car. it was nooot fun. ok jordans baptism was so good except it was a crazy day cause we had to be in homstead for our meetings and sacrament then go to kendall, then the ward mission leader texted saying he got called into work, then during the opening song the assistant ward mission leader comes and asks me to give a talk cause they accidentally asked the 2 speakers to both speak on the holy ghost instead of one for the holy ghost and one for baptism. but one of the boys just made it up on the spot and it was good. there were lots of RM in the branch, esp sisters and they kept giving me advice for the end of my mission and for when i get home and that really kind of freaked me out... but anyways president said to me in my PPI that he'd heard some fam was coming to pick me up and he said since i'm the only one going home that transfer that we can do some fun stuff... whatever that means? but ok this elder who served here in homestead elder stekling, he lives in bountiful but this girl in my ward here in homestad is dating him now and his fam came and picked him up.. so i had her ask him if he liked it and he said YES that he loved it and reccommended it so that makes me really glad you are going to be coming.. wait a second. who is even coming ? okay i've gotta go but looove you all so very much!! xooxoxxo
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