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Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.

D&C 68:6

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Hi welcome to my blog! I have been called to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and am speaking Spanish here in the Ft . Lauderdale Florida mission. I am currently serving in Hollywood. I am a part of the greatest work of all time.."

Monday, March 29, 2010

No Mucho Tiempo

guys! hi! i have so much to say but no mucho tiempo so here goes. i got permish and checked out a few college websites. most have application deadlines for after i get home EXCEPT the u of u. that is april 1. so will someone please take the time to register me, i know it costs $45 and i will reimburse whoever pays that. this way i still have the option of going to the U if thats what is right.. (although it is quite costly. i need a scholarship!) but as long as i still have the possibility of going there, i will worry about school stuff LATER cause i've got other stuff to worry about now like lives to save!!!!!! wait does anyone have any other ideas for my acne, it is really grossing me out and i dont know what to do! julian's bapt lesson was good, he understood it and they are gone this week (it is spring break here all week) but when he gets back we are going to try setting him with a date. the little sister aleah, she thinks my name is "sister phone" and calls me that. seriously. haha. we had a super neat day on wednesday when we got 3 new investigators, ida maggie and rhshanda. ida was in the hosptial last week and her room buddy was a member from miami 4th. so the missionaies in that ward and the member taught ida alot! ida knows what it feels like when the spirit is present and wants that all the time. she missed church cause of pain but hopefully next week! maggie is actually engaged to a member, she's never met him. he's in the military and serving in pakastan. they met online and are getting married when he comes back in may. he is a High Priest and a really good man, because he's taught her so much and truely believes it. She was realllly excited for us to come over and it was neat for her to share her testimony of what she already knows. but she also mentioned she's not doing this for him, so that's a good sign! rhshonda was a media she wanted us to bring a finding faith in christ dvd and when we showed up she's like.. i already read that part in the BOM you asked me to and she shows me this phamplet that has mine and sister olson's name on it.. but i've never met the girl so i think sister olson taught her with an exchange. but she is 16 and has the light of Christ so bright.. and wants to know the truth. so excited to teach her! the only invest we had at church was a boy who went to Snapper Creek, his name is Juan he's 22 and he loooves to talk. we met this lady named erica who has 5 kids (and is prego) we gave her a Proclaimation and when we followed up she had lots of questions about the Plan of Sal.. it was neat to teach her that but she wasnt so interested in us coming back to teach but the kids loved us and want us to come dye easter eggs this week. we had a really successful fun relief society activity on thurs and some less actives we've worked with came and that was really good! i have been in this ward for a long time and i'm kind of starting to feel like a celeb... sometimes i dont like that very much.. its been really humid lately and people are saying there is a tornado warning here right now but since it's the end of the month we have to ride bikes cause we're out of miles! a guy that works at the bike store frankie he just turned 50 but he's single and loves us.. he always does work on our bikes for free.. after this we're meeting him and he's getting us lunch hahah some people just dont know what they are getting themselves into when they want to hang out with us! oh man we also met this guy bernard he is like 28 and has a FULL SET of GOLD TEETH... his grill is pure gold.. every tooth! i dont know if you can believe it til you see it! but he's super cool and at his complex i saw things i'd need seen before, like people in small circles throwing dice and money then 4 cop cars coming in a doing pat downs on people.. haha dont freak out! cause i didnt! this is my area and the Lord is protecting me! on sat i did a good trick to sister crane.. it was her b-day sunday so i set up an exchange for me and her. but her and her exchange went and taught the Gospel while me and Addys went to the store and got her b-day stuff hahah it was really hard to do surprises when i have to be with her 24/7! i found out about what i'm getting bit by. a bug called "no-see-ums" that is seriously what they're called. but i got spray with lots of deet in it and i'm okay now! last night at the ALF house the owners told us we cant ever come by anymore and i felt like i was stabbed.. it hurts so bad when people say that.. but one day they'll understand! i just have to remmeber the example of Christ when He was on the cross and said "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do"... same sad situation here. anyway, all my girls are gone this week cause its girls camp. they do it over spring break cause its too hot in the summer. will you continue to join with me in praying for julian, michelle, ida, maggie, isabell, rhshonda, alfredo, juan, bernard, marcial, and david bauer? thank you and i love you and i miss you and have a good week and a good confernce and a happy easter!!!!!!
con amor, hermana call

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