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Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.

D&C 68:6

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Hi welcome to my blog! I have been called to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and am speaking Spanish here in the Ft . Lauderdale Florida mission. I am currently serving in Hollywood. I am a part of the greatest work of all time.."

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm Staying

hey everyone will you change the email address you have for me to this account? we had to set up new accounts so this is the main one i'll check, but i'll still check my other gmail sometimes. how was everyone's week? mine was pretty good, my big news right now is transfers and that i will be staying here another 6 weeks and getting a new companion tomorrow morning at transfer meeting :) i already knew this change because was coming for about 5 days now, President told me on the phone last week but he told me not to tell anyone so it's been my secret that kept a smile on my face the past few days.. well this past week was a little crazy we had lots going on and we have lots of people we are teaching. we are working with a few part member families, and i really think that is a big thing the Lord wants me to focus on while I am here. in my area (homestead north aka HoN) about 70% of the active families are part memebr and the wives are the members and the husbands arent. it is so sad and the men are so hard headed! one family we started working with is the Vega's, the parents are less active and they have 3 little girls, 2 of which are baptismal age.alexandra and nicole (and vanessa is too little) but we have been teaching the girls and they want to get baptized so bad! we told them we were coming back sunday and vanessa turns to her mom and says..is tomorrow sunday? ha cute. the 3 girls remind me of us call girls.. and the liddell girls.. but i absolutely love being with them. we have gotten lots of good member help this week. a new key indicator number we are reporting each week now is the # of refferals we get from members. one of my favorite families in this area is the smith's. they have 4 girls and 1 boy, ages 8 and younger. we were there yesterday and they had just got 6 day old baby chickens and i held one and it pooped in my hands of course just like cuddles used to do! and a few days ago at this lady Sandy who we are teaching, she let us hold her baby.. roosters? or chickens? i cant remember what they are but i think they were illegal. sandy is awesome she's in her late 40 and has 4 kids, she lives in a trailer park in the middle of the everglades and i'm sure glad we get a member to drive us there cause otherwise it'd be a 15 mile bike ride one day from our house. she is praying about her bap date of april 3. we have a set baptismal date with brenda for march 28 and her husband grayland is praying about it also. but grayland is hard to teach, cause he LLOOVVES to talk, and if we ask him a question to check for comprehension he'll change the subject 20 times while talking and somehow we have to get it back from him and relate whatever he said to the gospel. we are still working with carlos, he's trying to quit smoking but not putting too much effort into it, i'm not sure if i mentioned last week but he's still dating guys and girls.. oh we were at kmart this week and i was talking to this lady and then she actually put her hands on my tummy and asked me if i was expecting hahahahah i guess thats when i realized i really need to loose some weight hahaha. but two nights this week we had 3 dinners oh man! another fam we are working with is the zyus fam, the dad was less active but is coming back and we are teaching his wife michelle and his 10 yr old julian and his 4 yr old aleah. i got julian a book of mormon stories reader, you know like the comic strips and he is LOVING it and reading it so fast! we hope to set him with a baptismal date tonight. pray for us! well the other day i was talking with pres hale and he promised me that this upcoming transfer i will be "the happiest misisonary in the mission" so i am so excited for that and to prove him right. i have loved lately a few times we've had invest tell us there is something different about us, and that really makes me feel good ya know. we were teaching this man leon a few days ago and he fell asleep in the lesson. haha. dad..... we met this recent convert finally that we are always trying to get ahold of, she hasnt been to church since her baptism cause she thinks we worship joseph smith. but we straightened things out mostly and she gave us these (fake) dolce and gabbana purses and chanel perfume. she is from jamacia and said something i remembered our waiter on the cruise taught us about everything eyrie.. remember>? i was laughing. she was also really good friends with bob marley and has pics with him and stuff! ha. ok so sat night we went to jordan's and his godbrother was there (who is also named jordan so i refer to him as lil j) and so we had a lesson with them both and it was incredible to me to see big j tell lil j about all the things he has learned from us and to hear his testimony! well we told lil j (who is 14) about church sunday and he was soo excited to go so we told him to go to homstead but turns out he went to snapper creek haha a 14 yr old in the YSA branch.. but he L-O-V-E-D it and was asking people how long it takes until he can get baptized. big j was confirmed there sunday and so i'm glad lil j got to see it. the only problem is that lil j lives ONE block out of our area, in the homestead south area. SOO LAME!!!!! the coolest things i learned this week was on this chart that casey lawrence sent me.. please tell him thank you and that i loved it! have him make you a copy too! the last person i'll tell you about is this media named Lolita. we tried to see her saturday but the lady answered the door and said lolita was gone and to come back sunday but to make sure we called first.. we went back sunday night and called but no answer.. so we went and the same lady answered.. she was crying but talked to us anywya. she told us she'd lied to us the previous night and that she was lolita. she is going through a lot a lot of hard stuff.. and she told us everything in detail, it was at least a pg-13 but probably R stuff coming out of her mouth and i wanted to throw up, i got really hot and had to undo my sweater and stop listening for awhile.. i'll spare you the details..but anyways this lady needs help and i am glad we were able to help her. she used to have elders teach her a long time ago and it brought back happy memories for her. i think if i ever meet past missionaries that served here, i will hug them even if they are strangers. and if i ever meet missionaries that served in any of my latin countries, i'll hug them too. i love that although we serve millions of miles apart, we are all in this together (to any high school muscial fans, i still sing that song when i hear those words haahah) but really i love that! and this week we had a member referral for singapore! and when i meet people from ohio or kentucky i always always tell them about my little brother who lives there too doing the same thing i'm doing teaching the same thing i am teaching because Christ's Church is the exact same everywhere.. we are so blessed to be apart of it! I hope all is well back in cold utah, i'm getting a pretty good watch tan and i'll be sure to send pics next week! i love you guys so oss ososososo much,. have a a good week
te amo
hermana call

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