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Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.

D&C 68:6

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Hi welcome to my blog! I have been called to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and am speaking Spanish here in the Ft . Lauderdale Florida mission. I am currently serving in Hollywood. I am a part of the greatest work of all time.."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not Enough Time

hola.. this week was so busy and crazy and i wish i had enough time to tell you everything or wish more that you could be here with me to meet all these people and know them. last mon we had an FHE at oscar's house. he is one of our best buds. more than 50 people came to this little thing and 7 were our investigators. it was so neat to have such a huge party we loved it. you know that song on soft sunday sounds about the little boy and it says i'll build you a rainbow..oscar has a music video to that and its in spanish so we watched it and so many people were crying. we finally got a bap date with eva. it was cool cause she has turned us down the other 2 times we invited her. she has come to church a lot and knows its true she even got work off on sundays and invites firiends to church but now we are finally going to baptize her it will be neat!! her date is for the 30, same as marcos, carlos and carolina. they are good friends we are excited!! piano at church yesterday was ok, i only had to play the first 2 cause this high council guy came up and did the last 2.. marcos is still in orlando so we call him every night at 9 and update him with carlos and carolina wedding plans and we sing him a song and pray and do a scripture so thats fun but he'll be back soon. soo carlos gomez got baptized on wednesday and confirmed yestrday. it was SO neat. however the story is an hour long so i will send it on a voice tape. it was a really neat absolute miracle he got baptized. santos is our next bap and was suppose to be on wed but he had some doubts and wanted to talk to the bishop so they talked yesterday and bishop told us santos got baptized a month ago in another church and likes our church more but is scared to get baptized again so soon in this church. he also told the bishop that he is in love with me and thats a whole nother story. together bishop, santos, hma keller and i are going to fast on sat/sun to decide if santos shoud get baptized again. the hales have this cute friend from bountiful she's 18 bridget and she wanted to know what a mission was like so she got to come out here and go out with all the misionaries. she came with us a few days last week and she is darling. we love her a lot! oh this one RC who just moved here from oklahoma took us to this daanngg good mexi restruant and then he bought us those strawberry shortcake ice creams me and mer love.. and we got to see this secret place a ton of iguanas and turtles live i will send pics one day! oh fishing last week we didnt catch anything but the guy next to us...caught a giant sea turtle. it was so sad. like it was so big and he couldnt' reel it up so we had to cut the line and now this poor turle is swimming around with a hook in its mouth. sad huh. i almost cried i felt so bad for it. something sad is so many people here like in their late 20 and 30 are here alone but they left their kids in their counties. like eva has 3 kids in guatamana and luis has kids in equador and another RC here adrian has 4 kids in honduras it is so sad and they come here and work their butts off to send money to thier families. lots of our investigators and members ask us to help teach them english so we are trying to help them learn that and they are cute helping me with my spanish. i am so glad we are all in the same country. the wedding plans are stressful and i never want to plan another one as long as i live. there is so much drama. and i'm surprised how much money they cost. but we have such great members donating time and talents and whatever they have to make this wedding cheap for carlos and carolina. us and the asl sisters are doing a brial shower for carolina on thurs it should be fun!! i got to talk to my good friend elder robinson this week and it made me so happy..i'm sad elders rob baggs and libbert are going home this transfer. it hasnt rained much this week, like 4 days with no rain. which is bad. pres hale sent an email reguarding hurricanes so read that mom if you want hurricane info. hma keller says her mom would love for you to email her. thanks for the package i got!did you send tay an art book? and thanks for the letters and emails, i love knowing whats up at home. i loove tres leche cake. we had a b-day party for an invest henry this week and i ate so much. i dont need anything new yet. thanks though- maybe in a few more months,. i bought a few jackets from tj maxx aand target clearance so i have money for that and thats good...i am returning that skirt to gap today but if they dont let me i'll send it home. we got a bap date with osman this week, he lives with carlos gomez and osman is 21. he's cool but i think he was intoxicated when he agreed to the bap date. but he's come to church twice so hopefully he relly does want it. eveyone here found out i love twilight and now all the young women and soo many moms come up to me and ask about it. it was recently published in spanish so now all the latins are reading it. they tell me all about the movie trailer and that there is a script online of that book she was writing from edwards point of veiw, but you can only read it online. yesterday we went to a bap at the church for our english/asl ward they had 3 baptisms it was really good! also 2 other members in our ward got married and we got to go to that wedding it was fun. i dont drive yet we decided not to maybe next trans. dad thanks for takign care of my car!! i'm reading in 2 Nephi 9 i think..,mom since you asked where i am in the BOM. i thought the cookies were delicious. i have so many of my treats in the freezer cauise i dont want them to go bad. pics from before: me and santiago. and member from our ward i love him he's prepping to go on a mish, but just moved back to columbia for the summer. us with this guy named...oh darn i forgot his name. i dont know why i sent taht. w e arent even teaching that guy. we used to but we dropped him. feeding a duck outsdie our house. they catch bread in the air. they always come and sit outside our apt cause they know we feed them. my pic with for owie. with priscinia, a deaf member who just moved to gainsville. we had a going away party for her. she gave me a sign name. after zone conf i think...hma keller loves hair and makeup and always does it to me when we have conferences and stuff. with carolina in her room when we were trying on the wedding dresses people gave us to borrow. this strange house with lots of pigeons and peacocks. on a street but they only stay in that one yard. we dont know why. its werid. with fransico and elba, RCs . they have that board and the barbies are glued onto it. its so weird. the fishers i think are mario and donaldo we only met them once and wanted to teach them but they were going fishing in a canal across the street and said we could come so we did...but havent seen them since. they didnt pay attention much during the lesson at the swap shop. this huge sweeeet shopping mall place. ok gotta go but love you lots hope all is good! i pray for you all everyday xoxoxoxoxoxo
hermana meryl call

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